Metal Geeks Episode 4: The Geeking Dead

Hola Geekazoids welcome to episode 4 of Metal Geeks podcast! Throughout this action packed episode, you will you will hear not only your Geeky hosts Cary and Jon-Michael; but we have a special guest. The Geeky other half of Cary, Uber Trubie Kim. Join us as we discuss some current Metal news, the importance of a healthy Geek, the new Space Punisher mini-series, the secret metal avengers in Skyrim, as well as more of how Jon-Michael hasn’t gamed! Strap on those headphones. Crank it to 11. It’s going to be a Geeky ride!

You can feel free to contact us at, and on twitter @metalgeeks. Find us on Facebook and like us at Rock Out With Your Geek Out!

Direct link for Metal Geeks Episode 4

itunes Subscription Link

Cary’s infamous Avengers tshirt and his new best friend, Jimmy.

-Boba Fett Make a Wish Masks

Darth Vader Day of the Dead Tattoo
Mike Fite Tattoo Artist Facebook

Iron Rattler Roller Coaster Announcement

Test Track Redesign Courtesy of Inside The Magic Podcast

Ashes of Ares Samples

Bruce Dickinson “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”

Steve Harris Solo Album

The Gauntlet

Katatonia tribute in Skyrim

Randy Blythe Foundation Ebay Auctions

Rock Band Blitz Iron Maiden Gameplay

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Trailer

Kickstarter Sketch Book

Arab Green Lantern

Jason Stathams Workout

Metal Geeks Pinterest


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