What the F I’m playing…

Loyal geekazoids, this is your fearless leader, Cary, here. Periodically, I will post what video games I am currently playing, and some quick thoughts and opinions.

Over the past Labor Day holiday, I have been playing through the new Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron game on my Xbox 360. I am a sucker for a straight forward, action shooter, make it through level after level type of game sometimes. I just want to be pushed in the right direction and have fun. Some of the open worldness of games starts to grind my gears sometimes. Transformers is exactly what I was looking for right now to be playing through. It is just a fun game. Is it the best game I’ve played this year? Hell no. Not even close. The storyline is nothing exciting, but gets you through the game well enough. Basically, you get to play as different Transformers from level to level, which really breaks up the monotony. There are even levels where you get to play as Decepticons, as you try to stop the Autobots from succeeding in their plan to….Oh not gonna ruin the plot line for those out there that want to play it. My favorite character so far to play with was Jazz, complete with Scatman Crothers sound alike.  Jazz really has a cool grapple beam that makes for some interesting gameplay. That is the thing about having different characters almost every level, sure the gunplay and action is the same, but each character has their own special ability. The one thing I love about the game is their attention to details on the Generation 1 Transformers mythos. This is perfect for you old school fans. Support the company,High Moon Studios,  as they are now working on the new Deadpool game.

I finally also started episode 3 of the Walking Dead Telltale game on my 360 as well yesterday. I am in love with the narrative approach they have taken to the game. It is straight out of the comic books, and nothing could make me happier. If you haven’t played the Walking Dead game yet, it is really a point and click adventure game set in the universe. The major thing that makes it stand out and become a must play series is the narrative, and the gut wrenching choices you have to make during your play through. I literally felt sick about a choice I had to make in Episode 3: Long Road Ahead yesterday, that left me feeling uneasy, and very regretful about the choice I made. This is a damn video game, and to elicit that kind of emotional response for non existing characters is testament to the fact on how great the game is, and how great the series, including comics and tv show really is. Robert Kirkman knows and understands how to write character driven pieces of entertainment, and I applaud him for that.

So, enjoy some video game playing this week, and look forward to seeing you guys online. My Xbox 360 handle is Notman666. Come find me!

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