“Room For One More” by Anthrax (Sorta) from Metal Masters 4! \M/

Ever wanted to hear what Anthrax would sound like with Billy Sheehan on Bass, Kerry King on guitar, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante in their normal Anthraxian spots, and Bass player Frank Bello on vocals? Yes? Well, then I have the video for you, my geekazoids! Friday night was this year’s Metal Masters event in NYC, and the first song of the evening was a rousing rendition of one of my favorite John Bush era Anthrax songs, “Room For One More” with Frankie handling the vocal duties. He does a decent job trying to hit some of those notes, and I bet he would be the first to admit he is not the singer of Anthrax for a reason. But he really tries! But overall, the track is a lot of damn fun, and a killer lineup indeed. Actually, the whole evening was performance after performance with killer lineups doing classic Metal tracks. Since this is also about the musicians, they do show off some. You cannot go wrong with a Dave Lombardo vs. Charlie Benante Drum solo! Check out the Set list:

1. Room For One More (w/ Frank Bello on lead vocals) – Anthrax
2. Mouth For War – Pantera
3. Five Minutes Alone – Pantera
4. A New Level – Pantera
5. Chemical Warfare – Slayer
6. War Ensemble – Slayer
7. Goddamn Electric – Pantera
8. Sergeant D The S.O.D. – Stormtroopers of Death
9. Kill Yourself – Stormtroopers of Death
10. Angel Of Death – Slayer
11. Strike Of The Beast – Exodus
12. Raining Blood – Slayer
13. Fucking Hostile – Pantera

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