Marvel Now is turning into Marvel WOW with new Thunderbolts!

I have been busily catching up with all the news about the upcoming Marvel Now relaunch, and just announced today is the relaunch of Thunderbolts, which is a series that has been around for good amount of time. They are not just redoing the series, but this is going to be a complete rehaul. I have read Thunderbolts here and there, but not a must have monthly read for me. I have been confused by the story line in the most recent issues, as it follows two different teams of Thunderbolts, and there is a lot of plot to sink your head around. Now, as it stands, Thunderbolts is a Dark Avengers series again, just adds more confusion to readers, methinks.

The new lineup of Thunderbolts seems like a definite step in the right direction. This is a team book, but taking it in a direction I don’t think Marvel has really tried before. On one team, you are going to see Red Hulk (General Ross, for those not in the know. Oops. Spoiler), the Punisher, Elektra, Venom, and my favorite character, Deadpool. This looks like it is going to make a fun and exciting team dynamic. You have a crazy psychopath who loves to kill, a guy who kills for revenge, a guy who is host to an alien symbiote who has been known to kill, and an assassin. And a Hulk as team leader. There might be a lot of killing going on! Taking over writing duties will be Daniel Way, who is no stranger to Deadpool, as he has been the most current writer of the ongoing Deadpool series. The artwork will be handled by Steve Dillon, who in his career has drawn such iconic characters as Punisher, Judge Dredd, Preacher, and Wolverine. Not a bad choice!

I for one am looking forward to this series, and the strange dynamics of this new team. It has been proved that off the wall characters, such as Deadpool, can fit into a team with Uncanny X-force. What are you guys opinion?



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