Unofficial or whatever…this kicks ass!

Hello my Geeky brethren, Jon-Michael here. Since this is my first blog post on the site, I figured I would share something that epitomizes the word brutal. If you are like me (apparently most of you are since Marvel has regained the film rights to Punisher due to the epic failing Lionsgate films) than you haven’t watched the last two Punisher Movies. You also didn’t know about the “Punisher: Dirty Laundry” short film. Why am I just stumbling on it now?!?!

I finally caught wind of this today. Although it’s nothing official; in this sick short film you will see Thomas Jane reprising his role as Frank Castle, a paraplegic morale bolstering Ron Perlmen, Punisher Max artist Tim Bradstreet skull design, and brutal CGI blood splattering. Ok, lets watch it.

Now that is brutal. My only complaint is…I want to see more!!!!


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One response to “Unofficial or whatever…this kicks ass!

  1. kim

    That is how the movie should have gone! So brutally awesome!

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