Rock Band Blitz (Xbox Live Arcade)

Whats  up guys, Hahkan Hero here and today with my debut video game review here on Metal Geeks I decided to go with my latest purchase from the Xbox Live Arcade, Rock Band Blitz. Rock Band Blitz is a downloadable game on Xbox Arcade and the Playstation Network and is the latest installment in the Rock Band series; where it actually doesn’t follow the same format as their previous games, because in Blitz you actually don’t have to plug in any peripherals at all to play, you use simply only your controller. Blitz follows the lines of such games like Frequency or Amplitude, but honestly after playing this one for countless hours I would compare this game to the PSP game Rock Band Unplugged more than anything. In Rock Band Blitz you take on all aspects of a band (Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards) by matching notes as they come down in a traditional music game format. In Blitz you’re able to use your entire Rock Band library in the game to many of the in-game mechanics seem to work really well together. There is a score system that allows you to actually use a type of perk system that gives you bonuses when you play a track, some allow you to have an “extra band-mate” to help you out and some turn the notes into flames which give you extra points if you can keep hitting them as they come. As noted before you can use, from my knowledge, any and all the tracks you have purchased over the years from any of the Rock Bands but another big aspect to why this game is worth the 15 dollar price tag is the fact that the game also acts as a small DLC pack for Rock Band 3. All the songs that come with Blitz are playable in Rock Band 3, however most of the songs included in Blitz are quite poppy and stray far away from my taste in music personally, but some spectacular metal songs made the list and obligated me to get this game like  “Cult of Personality” from  Living Colour and “The Wicker Man from my favorite metal band Iron Maiden. The online aspect to the game is pretty bland but  being able to challenge your friends to beat your scores can be really fun and add  competitiveness to the game. In the end It was really nice to play such an addicting solo music genre game for only 15 bucks. Not to mention increasing my Rock Band library and being able to jam out to amazing music while not having to lug out the plastic instruments from my closet in the process!

So here’s the breakdown:

  • Presentation: [9] Looks really amazing and colorful; kind of a throwback to Guitar hero 1 and 2 days in the way it looks
  • Graphics: [8.5] Flows extremely well, not too many glitches but a few lag issues when things get heavy
  • Sound: [10] Obviously the hi-light of the show here; tracks play really well and sound great; and with the ability to use all the tracks that you have purchased, you can basically make your own game
  • Gameplay: [8] Can be really tedious and confusing initially, learning how to switch between instruments and to keep score; basically knowing how to play rock band doesn’t necessarily help all that much, but the Blitz tutorial really does clear all confusion
  • Replay Factor: [8] With many of the aspects already listed above: Backwards compatible soundtrack and the game using only a controller rather then having to use an instrument peripheral and the leaderboard aspect to the game, i can see becoming quite the competitive strive for a lot of gamers out there

Overall Rock Band Blitz gets a  8.7 out of 10, i think its worth the money and its a great change of pace when you just want to chill and play some music

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