Wii U details announced! Is this system right for you?

Well, geekazoids, Cary G. here and Nintendo has gone and released all of the details for the Wii U this morning, while I still slumbered on my morning off. I woke up to a plethora of Nintendo Wii U wankery from a variety of websites. Here is what is know so far:

The system will be released on November 18th. Just in time for Black Friday, how convenient.
There will be two different skus and pricing.
There will be a basic set retailing for $299.99, and will feature 8 GB of internal memory, the console, a gamepad, a sensor bar, HDMI cable, and an AC adapter. Seems pretty bare bones for a new system, but keep in mind, that your 360 or PS3 didn’t come with a HDMI cable. At least there is that.
There will also be the Deluxe set retailing for $349.99, which is only $50 dollars more really. It does feature 32 GB of internal memory, and everything you just saw featured in the Basic set. It also includes, a Gamepad charging cradle, a stand for gamepads, plus a copy of Nintendo Land. Seems like a better deal, for the small amount of extra money involved.

Now here is some of the major questions, or complaints I have with the system. Nintendo Wii U is going to look great in HD, and is the first Nintendo system available in gorgeous HD, but the system is already 6 years behind the competition. This thing will only have a year or two on the shelf as current gen, before Microsoft and Sony release their newer systems, which most likely, will blow this out of the water, graphically. That is not a lot of time for Nintendo to have this available, before it almost becomes obsolete. But then again, Nintendo tends to market to a totally different market than the hardcore gamer. Everyone and their dog who doesn’t normally play video games, will want one of these, just like they all bought the Nintendo Wii. There does seem to be hardcore games available, and meant to satiate the hardcore gaming audience, but is that enough? I already have Darksiders 2, and beat Batman: Arkham City. I do get excited for the Nintendo brand games though. I’m always a sucker for a new Super Mario Bros. game, and Zelda, and Metroid, and hell, even excited for Pikmin 3, but are those games enough to justify a purchase? I don’t even play my Nintendo Wii now. It just sits there, collecting dust. I am not a fan of the motion controlled games anymore. That fad is long gone. If you can just play games on the controller, without having to waggle your damn controller in the air to move your character, I would be much more happier.
What do you guys think? Do you plan on purchasing a system? Or has Nintendo really missed the boat on this one? Let us know in the comments!



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2 responses to “Wii U details announced! Is this system right for you?

  1. kim

    Personally I am OVER Nintendo consoles. I will stick to my DS!

  2. shack70

    Nintendo has missed the boat completely. With new X-Box and Playstations not that far away why wouldn’t anyone wait. One of the big things that will kill the Wii U is the lack of titles. You can’t base your launch off titles that already exist on other systems.

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