Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: the grand daddy of technical shooters is back with a new version called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  Unlike other games that evolve over time and change, Valve has continued to modify and update Counter-Strike over the years keeping Counter-Strike relatively unchanged. Originally released as a free mod to Half-Life in 1999, Counter-Strike has had several versions over the years. The first big change being with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero where bots were introduced to make a single player like experience followed later in 2004 with the release of Counter-Strike: Source utilizing the graphics and physics of Valve’s Source Engine. Counter-Strike has primarily been a PC game even though console versions have been released because of the modding community behind the game who produced versions of Counter-Strike such as   Gun Game and Last Man Standing mods that were later copied over to games like Call of Duty. Now Valve has released a new version of Counter-Strike called Global Offensive that has a more of a console feel to it than a PC game. Since the game is download only and multi-player only the price has been set low at $15 and is available on PC, X-Box 360, and PS3. What is different besides the console feel is the modes that are available. Gun Game is now standard along and called Arms Race plus a new take on the Gun Game called Demolition. Arms Race is more of a  Death Match free for all while Demolition is team based. Both of these game styles award players with the next level of guns for achieving kills.  The original version of Counter-Strike game play is where the game really shines though. Teams are broken into Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist where the Terrorist must either plant a bomb somewhere on the level or guard hostages and stop the Counter-Terrorist from rescuing them. As rounds progress players are awarded money they can use to buy weapons, gear, and accessories such as grenades, flash bangs and newly added molotov cocktails . When a player dies he loses what he has purchased and much re-purchase new equipment at the beginning of the next round.  Even though the game is objective based, a round can be won by eliminating all the players on the opposite team.

So what version is the best? The PC version of any Counter-Strike game is always going to be the best because the servers are community run and offer different styles of game play, different rules, and custom maps.  If you are not a PC gamer Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still a great game to have at $15 and will supply plenty of fun times for you and your online friends. If you enjoy first person shooters, geek out, enjoy the nostalgia, and buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

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