Progpower 2013 lineup announced!

Greetings, geekazoids. I saw this announcement this morning, and it inspired me to share it will all my metal heads out there. The lineup for the 2013 Progpower fest in Atlanta has been announced for September 6 -7, 2013. The lineup is as follows:

Friday, September 6, 2013:

Damnation Angels
Ashes of Ares
Soilwork (co-headliner)
Shadow Gallery (co-headliner)

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013:

Heaven’s Cry
Circus Maximus (co-headliner)
Armored Saint (co-headliner)
Sabaton (co-headliner)

I have never personally ventured to a Progpower fest yet, but it has always been on my radar. As the current year’s fest is taking place right now as I write this, bands such as Redemption, Epica, Primordial, Mayan, Mystic Prophecy and Symphony X have all taken stage at the yearly Prog/Power metal fan’s dream.  As for the lineup for 2013, there is a questionable choice for me, and that would be Soilwork. I don’t quite see where they fit in to the lineup. I do see how they are trying to get a wide variety of bands though. And this is coming from a guy who like Soilwork, but I just don’t see it. Despite that fact, there are so many bands I would love to see at this show. I have been a fan of Wolverine’s blend of Prog metal and emotion. Think Dream Theater meets Anathema. This will also be the first american performance from a new favorite band of mine, Reinxeed, who are venturing from their native Sweden to bring their keyboard ladened, Helloween worshipping brand of metal to the states. Wolf, is another band that is definitely under appreciated here in the states, and I am glad they are playing this fest as well. Ashes of Ares are also performing, and if you are not in the know, this is the new band consisting of Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales, formerly of Iced Earth, and Van Williams of Nevermore fame. This might be worth the trip just to see that band. Friday night does see Shadow Gallery, and Soilwork as co-headliners. Saturday will bring us a triple threat of Circus Maximus, Armored fucking Saint, and Sabaton! I have been really wanting to make the trip to Progpower, and with this amazing lineup, it might be enough to cause me to venture out to Atlanta next year to be a part of this show.

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