Metal Geeks Episode 6: Tattoos and Geekery

Geekazoids, We have reached Episode 6 here at Metal Geeks, and the hits just keep on coming! In this super extra bonus sized episode, we premiere our brand new intro and outro Voiceover, we interviewed a tattooing Star Wars geek that is part of the 501st, talk about the upcoming Wii U and if we even care, Borderlands 2, some Blu Ray talk, some Ziltoid and Hevy Devy fun, and much more fun than you can shake a stick out.

Contact us at (send hatemail…don’t be scared). Follow us on Twitter @metalgeeks (RT the Hell out of us \m/[o-o]\m/) and Like us on facebook  We are finally live with our brand new website at! This is where you will find show notes, archives for both Metal Geeks, and MSRcast podcasts, reviews, articles, and various geeky topics we feel like covering.You can also subscribe through itunes, and while you are there, give us a review, and please let all of your friends know you are a Geekazoid, and tell them about Metal Geeks! What are you waiting for?! Come rock out with your Geek out!

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The New
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JM Sketches

Cary G’s School
The Red Camera
Vimeo Account

Catharsis – Cary G’s Short Film

Mike Fite – Tattooist and 501st Guru

501st  – Arizona Dune Sea Garrison

Mike Fite Instagram

 Katatonia, Devin Townsend Project Review 

Iron Maiden Hot Topic Shirt

The Sword New Album

Hot Sauce

Anthony Bourdain Comic

Metal Evolution – Extreme Metal

Prog Power Fest 2013

Ebay Fall

PS3 Slim
Borderlands 2 Metal Geeks Review

Beetlejuice 2

Guardians of the Galaxy

Lollipop Chainsaw

Dexter Season 6

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