Y U NO REVIEW? Episode 1 (FIFA 13, Jet Set Radio and more!)


What’s up my gaming geeks, the name is Hahkan Hero and today I bring to you today an all new episodic segment that I’d like to call “Y U NO REVIEW: The Metal Geeks Edition”! In this segment I will highlight a few games that I have been constantly asked my opinion on or asked to review or why I haven’t reviewed it yet. So in theory this will be my hardcore, brutally honest opinions of these releases and will give you the info you want on a collection of games that you either have been waiting to hear about, didn’t even know about or maybe didn’t even care about, so let  us begin with this week’s Y U NO REVIEW?!?


Alight, we’ll put it like this, as simple as I can put it without fearing for my life against all the soccer fanboys out there. If you have been buying these games for the last few years and is content on what you have been buying, you’ll like this…A LOT. FIFA 13 doesn’t change the way you play or feel about soccer at all, but does add a few features that long time fans will enjoy, but honestly that’s about it. The game isn’t revolutionary in any way and for new comers can be immensely overwhelming. If you are a fan of the series or the sport in general it’s a must have but if you’re trying to get into it for the first time, I’m afraid the boat has left a long time ago.









FIFA 13 gets a 6.5/10

  • Newcomers will have all sorts of trouble but a staple for the long time fans

Jet Set Radio (Xbox Live Arcade)

Dreamcast’s very own Jet Set Radio returns and it feels like just yesterday I was tagging it up with my friends on this super nostalgic game. Everything you remember is back and more with this one and I have to admit playing this with an Xbox 360 controller felt a hell of a lot better than that monstrosity of a Dreamcast controller. Going to cut to the chase though, besides a few collision issues and a really annoying tutorial level the game was fun and a bit addicting. If you are a fan of the original or a fan of Tony Hawk/Crazy Taxi type games this one is for you if you are not however this game can end up being completely worthless


Jet Set Radio gets a 7.2/10

  • Get it for nostalgia but that’s about all

Fire Pro Wrestling (Xbox Live Arcade)

There hasn’t been one third-party wrestling game (meaning any game that isn’t a main WWE release) that has ever captivating me to playing it, but someone it takes the most silliest and downright infantile game to kind of shove all that away and really make me appreciate why wrestling games are so much fun. Fire Pro Wrestling is a XBL exclusive that lets you use your avatars to wrestle, yes that’s exactly corrcet, and yes for many odd reasons it was spectacular and only 10 bucks


Fire Pro Wrestling gets a 7.9/10

  • wrestling game with a few flaws but also is a cheap and super fun time waster

And finally…

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken is back and with a lot more wub wub wub, just kidding but it is in the game. Yes Tekken Tag 2 is back and its all you would expect from the sequel to a super popular fighting game from year 2000. However, if you are a newcomer to fighters this game will not be welcoming to you one bit whereas lot of the new features benefit players that have been around the block a few times. With the flood of fighters already out there, I can see this one getting lost in the shuffle but either way its definitely better then Street Fighter X Tekken, just saying


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gets a 6.5/10

  • It’s Tekken Tag + online multiplayer

Well there it is guys, a quirky but completely honest way to review some of those other floater games out there, but my mission is far from done there are many more out there to be covered. So hope you guys enjoyed this and hopefully there will be more Y U NO REVIEWS in the future, later days!

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