Reinxeed – “Welcome To The Theater” CD Review

Did someone say really over the top power metal mixed with movie quality orchestrations that is stellar-ly produced? Yes, please! This is definitely symphonic power metal to the nth degree. ‘Cinematic Metal’ is the newest term being thrown around that would appropiately pinpoint this band. The band has certainly been busy in the past few years, making a name for themselves through YouTube and releasing a concept album called “1912” based on Titanic, and also releasing a tribute to Swedish pop bands including ABBA, and Ace of Base called “Swedish Hitz Gone Metal”. Fast forward to 2012, and Reinxeed (No idea how to really pronounce the band name) have released their newest opus, “Welcome to the Theater” and I for one cannot get enough.

As for the metal aspect of the band, one thing comes into mind, and that is older era Michael Kiske Helloween. Combine that with symphonic, soundtrack music, and the over the top nature of bands like Rhapsody of Fire and you have the musical style of Reinxeed. Vocalist, and lead musician, Tommy Johansson is the main driving force behind the band, along the lines of Ayreon, where he pieces together an amazing lineup of talent to support his power metal ways. Tommy does his best, like stated before, Michael Kiske impression, and can definitely hit those power metal high notes that is sorely missing from metal music these days. Just imagine him putting out his hand as he hits those notes. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. The musicianship is top notch on this album, and the production matches the sheer brilliance of the songs. The orchestration and movie score laden-ed keyboards match the heavy, fast riffing of the guitars. It would have been easy to have either one too high in the mix, and just have a muddled affair. Guitar solos are played with precision. Thankfully, the drums are high in the mix as well, and are thunderous and played to complement the bombastic frenzy of the music.

This album is really the perfect Metal Geeks album. All the tracks on the album are based on various movies and other geeky subjects. From what I can gather, some of the songs based on movies include Pirates Of The Caribbean during the song, “Stranger Tides”, Indiana Jones in “Temple of the Crystal Skulls”, reaching 88 miles per hour with Back To The Future in the track “Somewhere In Time”.  I will admit that one of my favorite tracks on the album is “Save Us”, which is based on the Spider-man movie franchise, and even has hints of the epic movie score hidden in the song. This song is the epitome of fast paced, epic power metal, and features female vocals during the chorus.

This has tuned into one of my favorite albums of the year so far, but there is only one down side. I can only listen to Reinxeed in small doses without getting overwhelmed by the cheesy power metal goodness. Don’t take that as a bad thing though, because when Reinxeed is filling my earholes, it is a wondrous thing. I highly recommend this album. Put it on, crank it up, and get ready to cheese out to some high quality geeky power metal!


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