Metal Geeks 7: Custom Geekery

Hails Geekazoids! It’s been awhile but we’ve finally reached Episode 7 here at Metal Geeks, I know you missed us. In our absence from the Geeky Realm of giving you eargasms, your uber Geeky hosts Cary G. and Jon-Michael have done tons of new things but to “much surprise” Jon-Michael still hasn’t played a damn video game >:-[Read the show bullets below for a breakdown of the show!Contact us at (send hatemail…don’t be scared). Follow us on Twitter @metalgeeks (RT the Hell out of us \m/[o-o]\m/) and Like us on facebook  We are finally live with our brand new website at! This is where you will find show notes, archives for both Metal Geeks, and MSRcast podcasts, reviews, articles, and various geeky topics we feel like covering.You can also subscribe through itunes, and while you are there, give us a review, and please let all of your friends know you are a Geekazoid, and tell them about Metal Geeks! What are you waiting for?! Come rock out with your Geek out!

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Show Bullets:-Metal Geeks Video Recording (Google Hangout)

Avengers 2: Casting Ms. Marvel
-Rouge Touching Ms. Marvel

Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson as Ms. Marvel
Yvonne Strahovski as Ms. Marvel 

Kelly Carlson 

-5 Year Engagement

-Saving Mr. Bunks


-Dexter Season 7
Mark Millar is the new Marvel guy for Fox 
-Chronicles, Cloverfield
Shailene Woodley in Talks to Play Mary Jane Watson in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ Electro Rumored as Villain
-Arrow TV show Deathstroke Mask at 3:22

-Dark Knight Rises Part 1

-Lone Ranger Trailer

Face-Off on SyFy
XBox Music App

Resident Evil 6

Shawarma King (Houston)
Byblos Pitas (Tampa)
Hot Rod’s BBQ & Grill
Injustice: Gods Among Us –
-Black Metal Man
(iPhone, iPad)
Angry Birds Star Wars
Walking Dead: Episode 4
iPhone 5

-Cary G’s Birthday


Epcot Test Track  Update
Fantasyland Expansion
Zombie Con 2012
Spider-Man Ride
-Marvel Universe Beast Figure (Cary G)

JMMetalGeeks Custom Figures

-MetalGeeks Google+

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