Through the Looking Glass, Episode 1: Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Preview

Hello once again my meal geeks, my name is Hahkan and I am back today with a brand new segment called “Through the Looking Glass”, where I take a close look at an upcoming game and share some of my thoughts and opinions on it. Today I bring a quite interesting game that has been getting a lot of good buzz lately, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a sequel to the reboot of the Dice and Danger Closes cooperative effort in Medal of Honor a few years ago. The biggest difference here is that this game is specially a Danger Close project still brought to us by EA and using the Xbox 360, where I got to do what I’ve been anticipating and that would be to get a feel what this game is going to be like come October 23rd.

At first glance Warfighter can seem a bit clustered and some will say, within the first few hours of playing it, that this is just a “knock off” of Battlefield 3, but I would beg to differ. Warfighter takes the best aspects from a game like Battlefield 3 and consolidates it to a smaller scale where two-man fireteams take the place of squads where you team up with a buddy and the two of you are able to see each other in the world and aid each other as you see fit. The mechanic doesn’t seem to work as well as I had hoped, but because more powerful when the full idea was realized for me. Before you enter a match you have to lock your slot in with your buddy to guarantee that the both of you will indeed be on the same fireteam, and in-game you will be able to spawn on him or choose to spawn at a fall back point.

The game plays surprisingly smooth and seems to play a lot less stiff than its cousin Battlefield 3, smaller scale means a more focused way of thinking of the battlefield. Getting kills, completing objectives and challenges all increase your support action gauge that allows you to choose between either a supportive killstreak (i.e. ammo replenish) or a more aggressive killstreak (mortar strike or a version of the predator missile). Although this is nothing new to a FPS, I do feel that in this game these action support streaks do add a nice familiar taste to the game.

When you first start you are allowed to choose between a vast amount of Tier 1 operatives from around the world and from there you are able to chose between 6 different classes , each one having its pros and cons but will reflect what you’re specific style of play is.  Each class has a special ability that regenerates in-game after it is activated, for example the “Pointman” class gives you one clip of high-powered ammunition and the “Spec Ops” class gives you a radar scan that allows you to see enemies through walls for a few seconds it. Personally I gravitated towards the more stealthy/SMG approach, so the Spec Ops class seems to fit me, but there is honestly a class for any type of player. When it comes to representing your country this game does a good job of letting you do that when you sign up for the medal of honor battlelog and choose your nation. From here within multiplayer games you earn tokens that you can distribute to your selected country which then grants you experience points later in the game, some may find this feature irrelevant, as the process is very confusing but the effort to change-up the online stat board that has been popular as of late still can’t be unnoticed.

Customization however, might be Warfighters’ strongest point. Although the layout isn’t as crisp and clear as Battlefield 3 or even Call of Duty, the amount of content that you can customize is truly impressive. You can change the stock, muzzle, mag type and optics to any gun you carry, not to mention the tons of paint camos you will progressively unlock. In the beta we had very limited access on the different guns but rest be assured there are a lot of awesome looking guns that will available for each class, some fan favorites like the MP7 make an appearance along with a lot of new ones as well.

All in all I think this game will shock many people on how refined it is from the last game in the series, I see this one going over very well for fans of Battlefield or Call of Duty, because I feel this might be that cross-bred FPS that everyone has been looking for; some of the flow and controls of Call of Duty with the feel and atmosphere of Battlefield, Medal of Honor: Warfighter should definitely be looked at by the cross-hairs of all FPS fans come the 23rd.

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