Y U NO REVIEW?: The Metal Geek Edition Episode 2


What’s up metal geeks, Hahkan Hero here and this is episode 2 of Y U NO REVIEW: The Metal Geeks Edition, where we go over a few of the latest releases and what I think about them. This segment highlights the releases I’ve been constantly asked my opinion on or why I haven’t, so here will look over a few of them and my score of them basically reflects my honest and overall opinion of the games. Please note that this is only my opinion on the games and SHOULD NOT reflect your own personal opinions or thoughts on them, so with that said let battle commence!

Pokemon Black/White 2

Black and White 2, long story short, follows a new character set in the same region and 2 years after the events of the first Black and White. You still chose the same starter Pokémon as Black/White and will also still battle some same gym battles, with the exception of a few new areas that you start out on. The boldest addition will the ability to travel to other regions from previous games and battle those gym leaders as well. Black and White 2 doesn’t really do anything to really reinvent the series as a whole, but I think there will be a lot here for long time fans to uncover; like the ability to catch older generation Pokémon in the wild once again. This game is the new standard if you interested in keeping up with the norm and brings along a handful of new features sure to keep long time Pokémon fans occupied for countless hours on end.


Pokémon Black /White 2 receives a 7.8 out of 10

007 Legends

Coming from a long time 007/James Bond enthusiast, the wait for the next “Goldeneye” video game has been a lengthy and strenuous one, unfortunately that wait treads on with the latest Bond game, 007 Legends. 007 Legends takes existing storylines from some of the franchises greatest and most memorable movies, such as Goldfinger and License to Kill, and tells a re-imagined story that discourteously connects to the latest and upcoming film, Skyfall. I simply can’t comprehend why it seems to be so incredibly difficult to create a nice well rounded bond experience in this day and age, but each time one of these games come around they do nothing but disappoint and underwhelm a dormant audience. The AI and game mechanics are terrible; being stealthy can be completely useless since going in guns blazing would save you the heartache of playing the level and longer then you need to. However even that just feels like a cheap Call of Duty knock off, and the game features scenes that connect to the classic films that never actually happened. The only thing this game might have going for it would be the 4 player splitscreen multiplayer, but that is worthless if the multiplayer itself is lackluster and doesn’t flow well. Personally, if you’re looking for an amazing stealth game buy Dishonored and if you’re looking for a fun and compelling multiplayer FPS, there will be plenty come the fall.


007 Legends receives a 2.5 out of 10

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I’ll be the first to admit that turn-based tactical strategy games are not my forte, but I cannot deny the grace of a spectacular one when it passes by. XCOM: Enemy unknown is a re-imagined remake of a game known as UFO: Enemy Unknown, but brings the same type of game play into a modern era. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown you battle an alien threat by taking turns fighting on the battlefield as you gain new equipment and weapons and fight to save the earth.

Along with the equipment and weapons, the player can manage, construct and manufacture other research facilities that will aide them in the fight. High levels of difficulty bring a real challenge to the more seasoned strat players and an action-packed but completely watered down multiplayer can also add some extra hours as well. However it seems it can be forgotten (the multiplayer) quick with the lack of modes, players per game and maps. Besides a few hiccups here and there, the game is very well polished and will keep you coming back for more. Any fans of the series or tactical strat games in general need to give this one a whirl.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown receives a 8.4 out of 10


I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Y U NO REVIEW, please let us know what you think in the comment section below, and check out ALL of other reviews and previews!

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..and let me know what you thought of these games, and what should I review next?

This is Hahkan Hero, ’till next time stay awesome my gaming geeks and keep it metal! XD

2 thoughts on “Y U NO REVIEW?: The Metal Geek Edition Episode 2

  1. Never thought I would have a Pokemon review on my site! 🙂 I agree with you on the 007 Legends game. I rented it, and feel the same exact way. I will try to play it a little longer, but that might be an exercise in futility.

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