MSRcast 138: Iced Earth Interview with Jon Schaffer


Welcome to another special interview episode of MSRcast. We had the oppurtunity to speak to the main man, and mastermind behind the legendary Iced Earth. Listen in as Jon Schaffer discusses the new live CD/DVD, why America has no Blu Ray release, touring plans, the new album, and his thoughts on the record industry.


Iced Earth – Dystopia – Live In Kourion
Iced Earth – Watching Over Me –  Live In Kourion
Iced Earth – Stormrider –  Live In Kourion
Ghost B.C. – Secular Haze
Volbeat – Doc Holliday
Iron Maiden – To Tame A Land
Demons And Wizards – Terror Train
Iced Earth – Iced Earth –  Live In Kourion

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