REVIEW: Injustice: Gods Among Us (X360)

Well this time it really has feel like a lifetimes since I’ve posted a review, but alas I have returned and not a moment too soon. Today I will be reviewing the DC comics fighter Injustice! Last years success with the reboot of Mortal Kombat really did establish what Netherrrelam Studios (formerly Midway games) can do in the fighting game genre. The premise here is basally, “what would happen if some of DC’s most iconic heroes and villains ended up fighting each other and alternate versions of each other as well for a common goal?”


[CAUTION: Spoilers follow, skip to end after the break for review breakdown and score]

In Injustice, a great tragedy has occurred involving Superman where the Joker has destroyed Metropolis and tricks Superman in killing Lois Lane who was with child. As a result and out of pure rage, Superman murders The Joker and eventually establishes his own regime to control the Earth. The heroes and villains end up choosing sides, some choose the side of the tyrannical Superman that has now decided that the people of the Earth are no longer capable of deciding how to live their lives on their own so using his full power he will rule it all. Then some go against the grain and side with “The Insurgency” led by Batman. Batman already knowing how things would pan out, eventually finds a universe where none of this has happen(presumably our own universe) and transfers some of it’s heroes (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow) to their world. Batman and Lex Luthor (who is not evil in this universe) inform the heroes that he has a kryptonite weapon that would kill and overthrow Superman, but the plan could not be carried out since it requires the DNA of the other heroes and in this world Green Arrow perished in the war. So with the alternate worlds Green Arrow present they were able to unlock the weapon and the plan was set into motion. Meanwhile  unknowingly, our Batman was also transported to the alternate universe and eventually was captured by the Regime.


The heroes of our world that were left behind, including Superman, Flash and Cyborg thoroughly attempt to bring back the heroes that were transported and in the process Cyborg ends up being transported himself. Cyborg arrives to over hear the plan, while Lex Luthor asks for the help of Deathstroke to overthrow Superman. Cyborg not knowing that Superman is evil in this world, briefly clashes with the two but eventually cease and reluctantly decides to help them in their plot. They take over the Watchtower and plan the rescue of Batman as Lex Luthor arms himself with the kryptonite weapon in his attempt to kill Superman but fails and is killed by Superman in the process. In the last moments of the game; The Amazons and the Atlanteans provide their forces against the Regime in one gigantic war, meanwhile our worlds Superman is finally transferred to the alternate world and both Superman’s prepare for this final fight leading into his defeat and imprisonment in a red sun radiation cell, that supposedly negates his powers. In the final scene, our Superman and Batman walk away from the cell and Superman wonders if he would ever do what the alternate did. Batman ensures him if he did, that he would right there to thwart it, just in case. In the final frame, a close up of the alternate Superman shows his eyes glowing indicating that a certain degree of his power still remains.


– – – – –

Overall, I think the game had a really decent plot and storyline that might have not been matched by the graphical content itself. Aside from the story mode  however, Injustice has a vast amount of other features that will keep your buttons mashed. The STAR Labs feature is a collection of mini games and challenges that give you XP and also practice with the many different characters. Although some of these are really useful in learning movies, most of these challenges just turn into more of a grind trying to get 3 stars on everyone making it more stressful then fun. As just mentioned  you get XP from the STAR Labs, but honestly you get XP for everything you do in the game. Whether it was from the storyline play-through, random single player battles, local versus player battles or from the online multiplayer experience. Along with XP, you can unlock a vast amount of player card backgrounds and icons, alternate costumes, music. concept art and other items that allow you to rank up quicker. As for the multiplayer, it surprisingly plays pretty smooth with the occasional lag but nowhere near as bad as it was with Netherrealms previous game, Mortal Kombat. There are a few different online game modes but not too many to get lost in; King of the Hill returns along with simple 1v1 and mode called Survivor, where the top players life doesn’t fully return after each fight.

So in the end, Injustice is a formidable fighter and I see become increasingly popular that reaches the audiences of devout comic book fans to hardcore fighting game pros,


Here’s the quick breakdown:

Presentation: 9.0

Graphics:  8.2

Sound: 9.5

Gameplay: 8.6

Replay Factor: 9.4

Injustice: Gods Among Us gets a 8.9 out of  10

– – – – – – – – – –

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