MSRcast 139: Orphaned Land Interview


Join Cary G. as he interviews the lead vocalist from the Israeli progressive metal band, Orphaned Land, in a brand new interview episode of MSRcast. Listen as Kobi touches on many topics including the new album, “All Is One”, working with Jens Bogren, the breaking down of barriers with metal music, touring plans, his ultimate concert lineup and much more. Thanks for listening to MSRcast, ad we will see you on the next episode! Keep it METAL!


Orphaned Land – The Kiss Of Babylon – The Road To OR-Shalem
Orphaned Land – Sapari – The Never Ending Way of ORwarrior
Orphaned Land – – Birth Of The Three (The Unification) – Mabool
Opeth – Bleak – Blackwater Park
Paradise Lost – The Last Time – Draconian Times
At The Gates – Slaughter Of The Soul – Slaughter Of The Soul
Orphaned Land – Halo Dies – The Road to OR-Shalem
Orphaned Land – Mercy – Paradise Lost Cover

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