Metal Geeks Episode 19: D23 Geekery and Photo Gallery

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Check out the Photo Gallery for the 2013 D23 Expo and Disneyland trip!

Welcome to episode 19 of the Metal Geeks Podcast, brought to you by We have something special for this episode. So special, in fact, that we had to split it into two different episodes. Cary Metal Geek has just returned from a week long jaunt to California where he and the missus spent a week playing at Disneyland, visiting the D23 expo, seeing footage from some upcoming Marvel movies, and attending live tapings of both Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live. There was a lot to talk about, and we start the episode talking about what comics we have been reading, and go into our review of the Wolverine movie. 

During the second part of the episode, we play some interviews that Cary Metal Geek was able to get at D23 Expo with some developers from Disney Interactive, Sega, Capcom and Harmonix and even a Disney Imagineer.

Thank you guys for tuning into this very special episode, and sometime soon, we have also released a special Bonus episode recorded live from Anaheim with Kimmu Metal Geek, as Cary and Kimmu discuss the week’s events, and go into depth right after a day spent at the D23 expo.

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Download Episode 19 Part 1 here (Right Click, Save as)


Download Episode 19 Part 2 here (Right Click, Save as)


Download Episode 19 Bonus Episode (Right Click, Save As)


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