R.I.P. Warrior Man R.I.P.


Over this past weekend I have literally been glued to my computer watching every Wrestlemania 30 related video of The Warrior at The Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania 30, and about three hours ago I was watching a clip of The Warrior making his return on Raw.

Around midnight (EST) this morning, I was updating the METAL GEEKS staff page on Facebook about some current happenings and the future of the podcast and site. I clicked “Post”. Navigated my mouse cursor up to the “Home” hyperlink. I triple checked the status. Then my eyes caught some text that read, “Rest In Peace Ultimate Warrior”. Since I have heard through out my entire life the Ultimate Warrior died 4 times over, I thought it was just an internet troll trying to get their rocks off by resurrecting the urban legend; for the 5th time. I noticed the Facebook friend who posted the article was a person who doesn’t take kindly to the bullshit meter; I said, “What the Hell” and I clicked the link.

When I read the titled “Ultimate Warrior Passes Away” and I realized I was on the official WWE website…my heart sink. Literally. I had the rush of adrenaline through my stomach. So many memories of The Ultimate Warrior and my life at the time of his prime flooded my mind. Fuck. This is real. After so many years of rebuilding his reputation, setting the record straight, copious knowledge and wisdom on Youtube and then finally making his long awaited return the WWE; he dies a little over 24 hours after making his last WWE Monday Night Raw appearance. Fuck this is eerie.

“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe a final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, and makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized.”

I have had the priviledge of seeing the Ultimate Warrior wrestle against the Undertaker in a “Body Bag Match” in Landover, Maryland. He tore the hell out of that body bag. I also got to see him Team up with the Legion of Doom to take on all three members of Demolition in Landover, Maryland. I had every action figure of the Ultimate Warrior; to this day, I still have the Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy. Hell. I even made a Custom Funko Pop of the Ultimate Warrior just a few short months ago.

So many memories. But I never got to meet the Warrior Man in person. But I’ve spent the better half of the last hour watching clips of him on Youtube. I know the Iron Sheik hated on the Warrior often; but I feel like he was doing it as a work. I don’t know. I wish I had the chance to pick his mind for a few hours on Metal Geeks. After all he had his own comic book out in the late 90s:


He also recently appeared on a track by Winds of Plague entitled “The Warrior Code” :

Between life and death
In other worlds
For heroes and lost souls
By a battlefield of darkness
The purpose of one
In rivalry of destiny, our destiny
Endowed with greatness
Seeking perfection of our soul
Un-scared and not created to stronger it
True and faithful to a unique warrior spirit
I am I
Never on big knees begging for help or pity
Standing stout and appearing pressed
Penetrate the glorified eyes of a creator to discover,
I am he, he is I,
Sent forth to rise above shame and mediocrity
To give not one fuck for the idea, of original sin
Tranquilize the warrior reckoning within my mind
To stand and deliver a destiny unlike any other
To live with the heart of a warrior that will one day speak,
Through the tombstone a top my grave
I will do in my life, what will live forever

He was a no bullshit kind of person. He was also a VERY grateful and genuine person. Unique. Passionate. Intelligent. Inspiring. A husband. A wonderful father. Thank you. Rest in Peace to the Warrior Man; but the Warrior spirit lives FOOORRRREEEEVVVVVVAAAAAAAARRR *snorts*


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