Comic Book Review: “Genesis” by R.D. Llamas

GENESIS_COVER-with-logo_web- From the start “Genesis”, the newest graphic novella from Image Comics, was really hard to like; let alone love.  Honestly, it was rather disappointing since the premise was strong and full of potential. The dialogue felt sloppy. The story did not seem coherent nor have a natural flow. After only getting through roughly one-third of it, I felt burdened with having to finish the story. Nevertheless I carried on through the rest of the book. Page after page. Panel after panel. Until the crystallizing moment; I finished it. Even then, I wasn’t truly sold on this story so I went back and read it again. Then again. Until I realized I was enjoying this story that regardless of its flaws; it was clever, imaginative, and most importantly; GOOD.


Genesis” is a story of a man named Adam that has not only lost faith in people; but faith in himself and his belief that one person can make-a-difference in the world. At a young age, Adam was told he would change the world for better or for worse. However, as time drags on he sees his impact is very little and insignificant. It is then that he decides to take his own life by jumping off the church that he constructed. He dies only to-be awakened by a mysterious man inside of local hospital; miraculously unscathed. Adam returns home with his wife only to discover that he has gained the ability to create anything that he imagines. He then decides to go out into the world and use his newly formed ability; making changes for the betterment of people. After an incident pertaining his wife, does Adam realizes he doesn’t truly have control of this ability. This realization sets forth events that ultimately lead to self-realization and a bit of irony. There is more to the story including characters and events; however, I tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum. I wanted to give a “Big Picture” description on the main story for anyone interested in picking up this title.




This is truly where I have my complaints about this piece of work, because even though as a whole I enjoyed “Genesis”;  it was very flawed in its story telling.  It takes no time, and I mean no time; to tell the back story of UntitledAdam leading up to his attempted suicide. Now on the surface that isn’t necessarily a huge issue but with the limited narrative there were a few panels containing only one sentence each. I felt it halted the flow of the comic and gave it a choppy “unnecessary” vibe; almost like a rough draft for a portion of the story. With that said I’d like to point out the art in the book was very interesting. I read the artist Alison Sampson has a long Architectural background and it shows within the art style of the book. As a reader, you can almost see a “blue print” layout in the panels and it is a bit unusual at first but it just somehow feels right with the overall theme of the story. With the combination of a highly structured art representation by Alison Sampson coupled by an incoherent, but strong narrative theme by writer Nathan Edmondson; the comic book ends up hitting the mark in a story. I am sure won’t be the last from this team.


Closing Notes

Overall the “pros” definitely outweigh the “cons” in what will hopefully be remembered as an intriguing character coming full-circle. The views and original story created by Nathan Edmondson are rough around the edges but equally deep and imaginative in creating this story that ends up asking questions so that the reader is thinking more than listening.  Read it,  read it again, enjoy it and by all means thank you very much for reading this review for Image Comics graphic novella “Genesis”.


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