COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Supergirl #30 by Hamid Hojabr

To begin this review I am going on the record to say I have never once read a single issue of Supergirl! When I got asked to do this I wasn’t looking forward to doing so; however, that was my reaction to being handed this comic. A wise person once said, “You should never judge a book by its cover.” That is a hard to say when you see this something that I didn’t even know existed. Well, to put it simply; I was completely blown away. Immediately these unknown (to me) characters in their “Red Lantern” outfits which resembled the Green Lantern outfits; that got me hooked. I wanted to know more! So my friends take a journey into the rabbit hole that is “Red Daughter Of Krypton Supergirl We’re RED, You’re Dead!”

SG_30_4_534be9a57f50d5.70167212We start of in the planet, Grax, as chaos has broken with gun-fightins and explosions with a strong dialog. It seemed as though things were about to get very dark very quickly! Then BAM! Enter, Kara Zor-el, sporting this brand new Red Lantern outfit. As stated earlier, it was my first time seeing it. She looks totally badass and gives her a totally fresh new look and moving away from just a copy of Superman. The other members of the Red Lantern Corp are wearing similar outfits but Kara’s has been made to stand out a lot more. If you’re a first time Supergirl reader then soon as you seen her you get a brief, 4 paneled, background on her. You might find yourself going back to them to find out more about her. Moving on. The story covers some flash back, which is vital to moving forward, learning of her struggles in life, and what she must do know to fight any in-coming evil. The villains she has to prepare for happen a very close connection to likeness of MARVEL’S Skrull race. Now, going back to the battle at the beginning you can see Kara being pushed to use the Red rings powers. When she finally does you see her release that anger which make her a VERY powerful being. This raises the question, can she control that kind of power?

Having read this comic and it wrapping up nicely with a good ending it made me really exited to for reading the next SG_30_5_534be9aade9ad7.05516372part. In fact, for me; it has me looking back into other issues to learn a lot more about the Red Lanterns and checking the back issues of Supergirl to see why she has left earth behind. Overall, this 24 page comic has definitely left me wanting more. Be sure to pick up this copy! I give it a really strong 8/10! In-Fact, this issue might have turned me into a Supergirl man!

So for next time Geekazoids; I am Hamid. All ways remember to “Rock Out With Your Geek Out!”

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