Dr. Who Is Slowly Taking Over My Household

mac_os_tardis_wallpaper_by_aurorasognatrice_doctor_who-wideMy wife, who usually is the the person in charge of the remote control in our household; mainly because I usually watch a handful of shows but mostly because she would destroy my world if I dared to change the channel. Not kidding. She loves the TV. Which brings me to the subject at hand, Dr. Who.

Since Cary and I began METAL GEEKS, he’s asked me on many occasions if I’ve ever gotten into Dr. Who. Well to be honest, I really did try; but I wasn’t growing attached like the self proclaimed “Whovians” I see on the interwebz. I know Cary G’s wife, Kim LOVES the show. Even past guests and friends of ours, Will Bozarth and Iann Robinson are Whovians. Not JM…but it occurred to me this is slowly changing.

It all began on Monday. My wife decided she is going to watch “Season 1”. Which at the time I wasn’t aware, but now she has educated me that it was the Season with the 9th Doctor; Christopher Eccleston. It seems like its been every free opportunity she had she would watch a show or three at a time. Which brings us to today, Thursday. She is now onto “Season 2” with the 10th Doctor; David Tennant. Three shows in. My fellow Geeks, my wife is now a Whovian. I guarantee she will be current by Monday. Praise to you Doctor. You’ve done it.

So why even blog about it? Well the answer is simple. It’s 1:06 a.m. and I was editing Comic Book Reviews while listening to Iced Earth. Then for some reason I began looking for Dr. Who clips on YouTube. Then I began looking into Dr. Who merchandise; i.e., T.A.R.D.I.S. magnetic desktop displays, Dr. Who Mickey Ears, Dr. Who Mash-ups, Dr. Who coffee mugs; Fuck. The Time Lord has me by my curiosity. I found these incredible Dr. Who theme songs…and now I want to have a Dr. Who Marathon…

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