COMIC BOOK REVIEW: All New Marvel Now! X-Force #3


x-force-3As with all things new to me, I go in with empty impression and an open mind. Nothing has changed here with this read. I’m hardly going to go into detail due to the depressive display I’ve just read. Another button in the shirt of the ALL NEW MARVEL NOW recreation, or rather, the re-imagining of an old Black Ops team known as X-FORCE. Most notable characters such as, Cable and Psylocke return as part of this team completed with it’s accented companion Fantomex and “newbie” Marrow. It was a complicated read at times. It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th page that I found out who was talking and who was arguing back and forth with the snide comments; Note to self…never talk crap about a mutant…especially when he/she is a psychic, you just get your speaking skills taken away at the bat of their eyelids). The meaningless banter of Marrow continued through a good chunk of the book. It became a challenge to want to continue.

Along with this team, a recently liberated weaponized mutant,named of MeMe,XFORCE2014003 follows X-Force via personal relocation device (designed by Dr. Nemesis) that resemble a quad-copter with a Zordon like face (MMPR GOOOOOOOOOO!) and the non-funny version robot temperament of Alpha. The team begins tracking to find the whereabouts of a man by the name of “Volga”; who is behind a massacre that was called “The Alexandria Incident”, where this non-mutant, Volga, used mutants as weapons to kill 3,000 innocent people. The cells failed to coincide with the text at times feeling you in a paradox of story emptiness; which became another negative aspect of the read.


Psylocke has a narrative every so pages as if she was attending an A.A. meeting, saying it’s been a certain amount of days since she last “weakened” a.k.a. dismembered someone and or played tic-tac-toe on someone’s torso with her sword. She is literally addicted to killing, which really isn’t a bad thing; but it goes against the legendary “Comic Book Code”. The killing scenes of her “weakened” were some of the best illustrations in the read, but were nowhere close to being enough to save it from disappointment. It tediously dragged on for most of the story. Aside from the killing scenes, there was maybe an honorable mention to Pantera in the form of Volga’s mantra, “Volga Display of Power.” See what they did there? I XFORCE2014003PG6did….or maybe I obsess about hidden messages that aren’t really intened the translation I gather, maybe they are only coincidences. Maybe the METAL GEEKS podcast will have writer, Si Spurrier, on to elaborate on this. Anyways, this Comic Book is certainly a pass and wouldn’t recommend it. It was kind of a slap in the face of the makeover that they gave Cable after all. He went from bad ass to…bleh, retired lost time travel pirate with metal arm rather than a peg leg. Until next time. Listen to metal. Be metal. And read more comics.

-Simon Hernandez


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