Captain America 2 “Easter Eggs” Checklist


So I may be the only Geek (with a podcast and a website) in the universe that hasn’t seen Captain America 2 yet; however, maybe the joke is on YOU. Now I have an official Marvel Approved checklist of Easter Eggs to be on the look out for when I do see it.

But wait there’s more! Marvel wants you to post your answers on various social media websites with the hastag #CAPEASTEREGGS. If you are able to answer them all and share each of the correct answers online…you and your social media friends just may very well rewarded with a free digital downloads. Alas, here they are:

  • The helicarriers have new engine “tech” based on someone’s up close and personal look…
  • Keep an eye out for a few words from a “Mandarin Attack” survivor in Cap’s museum exhibit…
  • These two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents wrote themselves into the Batroc’s interrogation scene…
  • Hydra was behind this famous character’s “parents” accident…
  • Notice something “strange” when Agent Sitwell lists some possible threats?
  • Notice the doctor that comes to Black Widow’s aid in Fury’s undergrounds HQ bears a “direct” resemblance to someone…
  • Which famous comic book creator makes an appearance in the Winter Soldier’s lab?
  • Check out who’s on guard duty at Cap’s museum exhibit…
  • Catch a glimpse of a certain “tower” when the helicarriers are locating their targets…
  • Which S.H.I.E.L.D. agent “crosses” paths with Cap & lives to fight another day…

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