COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Image Comics – Zero #7

Dusty…isolated….hot….sunset; Where? Juarez, Mexico. In the year 2020. A man on a cell phone saying his farewell for now. He plans ahead to what he’ll do when he gets back with voice on the other end of the phone call, Sara. He sends an I love you with heartfelt emotions. With a striking resemblance to one Mr. Tommy Lee Jones, the man in the black suit hangs up and quickly makes a call; sequencing things with a single word to a person on the other end, “Proceed.” The chatterbox in the suit has a bit of power among him and a companion that has dreams of black sand beaches with red waters; an underlying metaphor for something that we don’t quite find out just yet in this issue. Introduced separately, we quickly find them on the way to a meeting with a man that isn’t given a name just yet; but with the amount of security and heavily armed guards. He’s a “head honcho” of some sort. He warns the suit that his reading of books, via his newly acquired Kindle, had him reading deep philosophical type things which; according to the unknown man, is relatable to the recent times. “Kali Yuga”. This strange new term is part of a four-legged mythological creäture. Age of Satya, The Golden Age (where things get interesting). Trita and Kali Yuga, where the devils rise up and present the end of days. After the business is done, the Suit (now known as Michael) and his companion in training leave the compound, only to find themselves pulled over on a peak, overlooking the place they just left. With a flash of brilliant light, the place is leveled, annihilated as well as its inhabitants. From here Michael goes into a shortly given speech of Love being a parasite, that’s in a constant state of emergency that ruins everything. Leading into plans for when they return, a person named “Cooke” will be taken care of; referring to back to the, “Proceed” comment made on the phone from the beginning. A chain of events than grinds to a halt, leaving Michael in a pool of his own blood. A bullet delivered from his companion in training to the back of his head.











At times I felt as if I was reading the equivalent of a Tarantino movie. It has a dialog, but if you missed something you might be screwed and you’ll find yourself the need to read it over….and over…maybe another time just so it all fits together. While this was the attempt I normally attack my reviews it never fails to go over something one more time. There was very little text in the dialog, wasn’t lacking by any means but the illustrators and writers did a great job making up using the panels to prime you for what was to come. This being the #7 in the series it was a little difficult to decipher what exactly was going on. Considering the only person that was given a name, was on the end of the first cell phone conversation, it wasn’t until half way through, the man in the suit named “Michael”. So a hand full of characters and only 2 names, kind of leaves you wandering around. It might have only three times I found myself say “Wtf just happened…” because it was just a quick change but that isn’t said with any kind of negative light, it was good! All in all it made me want more, I’m a sucker for a great cliff hanger. The last several panels left me with my mouth hanging agape and heading over to IMAGE’s website to find the next release date. So with another notch in my belt of adventuring into a wide variety that is IMAGE comics, I have yet to-be disappointed.

Until next read ladies and gents


-Simon Hernandez-

Ironsleeve318 –

Story By: Ales Kot
Art By: Matt Taylor
Cover By: Matt Taylor
Variant Cover By: Sean Phillips
Price: $2.99


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