Movies Opening This Weekend 4/25/2014

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to see Niki Minaji acting. Especially on the big screen with some seasoned actresses. The “Chick-Flick” Comedy looks kind of refreshing. I may be metal. I may be a dude. I will probably wait until this is on Hulu or Netflix; but I’ll be watching it with my wife.

Oh look. Another trendy movie with Parkour, Gangsters, and Paul Walker playing an undercover cop tasked with infiltrating a group of ex-convicts. Available on Blu-Ray in 2 months.

Inspired by actual events is so 1980s and the plot of this movie has been done 30 times over since 2004. You’ll need more than Jared Harris to commit me to wasting 98 minutes of my life. No thanks.

I’m not even really sure what kind of car Tom Hardy is driving let alone why I would want to sit through 85 minutes watching him drive his car and talk through his Blue Tooth system. I am sure this will be a film for Thespians and Filmmakers to watch, but as an average viewer; why would I want to watch it?

Now this is a movie I can watch. Inspired by REAL events of Pinchas Rosenbaum, the movie begins in the final months of World War II we get to see a young man take an extraordinary leap by posing as a Nazi Officer to reroute the Jews to safety all the while disrupting internal Nazi operations. This is a yes for me; but still not enough to get me in the theater.

Next week is Free Comic Book Day AND The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yes please.

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