CD REVIEW: Whitechapel – Our Endless War

First of all, I will start out by saying that I have always been a huge fan of Whitechapel, and their latest offering definitely doesn’t change things at all. There are not too many singers that I could see replacing Phil in Whitechapel. His crushing delivery really helps make this band what they are, which is something they never try to hide. I remember back when they were recording A new Era of Corruption, in one of the video docs, Phil said something about “pronunciating better”, and since then his vocals have gotten more legible every time without losing the relentless pummeling vocals.

In Our Endless War, it definitely seems like it’s a “balls to the wall” attempt to make this a truly heavy album without just relying on the nonstop breakdowns that this band normally follows. Back when I was younger, my friends and mother always mentioned how my music was all dark and the lyrics were always dark. On this occasion, I would have to agree with them, but that is what I love about this band. With the title song, one of the lyrics that keeps getting thrown in is, “let’s take back our justice for all”. In most occasions, when Whitechapel has “understandable” lyrics, they are usually very dark so this was a nice change. The drumming and guitar work have only gotten better with this album and I would like to say that within a few more albums, Whitechapel will potentially become a totally different band, dropping their deathcore title that they have gained. Overall, this is a great album and I recommend anyone to give it a listen even if you aren’t a fan.

4.5/5 horns

-Stephen Portala

Head on over to Metal Blade Records to hear a track off the album and if you like it; purchase it!

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