CD Review: Sebastian Bach – “Give ‘EM Hell”

I have always been a fan of Skid Row and Sebastian Bach which is why I was looking forward to doing this review. “Give ‘EM Hell” is the third release in Bach’s solo career and is the only one I’ve heard in-full. The album can easily be described as a “Hard Rock” album until you get a little deeper into it as there are hints of “Rock N’ Rollish Country.” Overall, musically, it does not really offer anything above a generic level. There are no solid guitar riffs that I can say easily get stuck in my head. Vocally, it is great! It is exactly what you would expect from Bach, in-fact; it reminds me a lot of the Slave to the Grind era of Skid Row. There are moments when his vocals do not hit that power point and just kind of leaves you hanging. The few tracks that stood out to me are; “Push Away”, “Dominator,” “Gun to a Knife Fight” and “Rock n Roll is a Vicious Game.”  The album is GOOD, but if you’re looking for something over the top; this is not it. I give this album 2.5 horns out of 5.  Take the time to listen and you be the judge.

-Shane Wilson

Go to the official Sebastian Bach website to hear the track for “Temptation” and if you are looking to purchase the album; you can buy it on iTunes here.


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