COMIC REVIEW: Shadowman – “End Times #1 (of 3)”

“Valiant” isn’t a comic book company I really know about same with the character “Shadow Man” so when I was assigned this for reviewing. I totally didn’t know what to really expect so here I am going in open mind to try new things!

At first glance, the cover draws you into it. The colors used make it vibrant; which turns out it is massively consistent though out the Comic. It seemed even more so when I was reading it on my iPad the sharpness is incredible. The use of bold and vibrant backgrounds miss match colors to set bizarre tones. In its own way, it’s quite Sin City esq.

There are so many strong points to “Shadow Man” alone. Stunning artwork with good story telling.Emphasis on GOOD not amazing, which is my only bone to pick. It’s an issue #1 and it’s not very informative to the origins. I understand “Shadow Man” has been around since the 90’s and people don’t want another origin story every time they decide to reboot the franchise. However, going back to my earlier review of Supergirl Issue 30 where I pointed out they only needed 4 boxes of internal monologue to give a quick re-cap on what is going on. As a result of this I was having to go back while reading, Google who and what a “Loas & Abettor” is and what it really took me out of reading experience. To be very clear I did enjoy what I was reading! There are some panels of dialog and fighting along with self-struggles. My favorite of mine a smack talking puking head!

My advice to you, if you’re a Shadow Man “virgin” go look up some back story then head back on over because I recommend it and give it a good 3 horns out of 5. But don’t just take my word for it! Go check it out yourself! And let me know what you think.

I am Hamid Hojabr. All ways remember to “Rock Out With Your Geek Out!”


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