Metal Geeks 95: Pax South 2016 Geekery


Join Cary the Metal Geek and sometimes co-host, the voice from the other room, aka Kim, as they discuss their time spent at Pax South 2016 in San Antonio, TX! You will hear interviews with DLC Podcast co-host and comedian, Christian Spicer, and on the floor interviews with Ted Price from Insomniac Games, Bob Holden from Loot Crate, and interviews with indie developers including Evan Smith from Road Redemption, Stephen from Galaxy Trail, T from Trigger Devils and we end our episode with some on the floor coverage featuring special guest James from the Surly Nerd podcast before we conclude with an in depth interview with Tony Medrano from 6 Ft. Games as we discuss their epic space battle game, Dreadnaut!

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