MSRcast 244: 15 Year Anniversary

Welcome to our monstrous 15 Year Anniversary episode of the MSRcast podcast! We can’t believe we have been doing it for 15 Years, yet here it is! A big thanks to current cohost Sean the Metal Pigeon, Papa Josh(aka Cryptos) who is our original cohost, and Jon-Michael, former co-host of MSRcast and Metal Geeks, and to all the musicians, fans, and friends who left congratulatory messages! We intersperse these messages throughout the entire episode! We also have lengthy discussions on the history of the show and play some of our favorite bands! Thank you everyone for the past 15 years, and Keep It Metal!


Trouble – Black Shapes of Doom – Self Titled

Morbid Angel – Fall From Grace – Blessed Are The Sick

Spectral Manifest – Through Endless Void – The Nether

dead horse – Murder Song – Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That’s Time Consuming

Hate Eternal – I, Monarch – I, Monarch

Darkthrone – Weakling Avenger – Plaguewielder

Sentenced – Killing Me, Killing You – Crimson

Bolt Thrower – The Killchain – Those Once Loyal

Anthrax -I Am The Law – Among The Living

Blind Guardian – Nightfall – Nightfall In Middle Earth

In Flames – Moonshield – The Jester Race

Metallica – Fight Fire With Fire – Ride The Lightning


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