MSRcast 246: Dawn of the Metal

Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon are joined by longtime friend and contributor, Justin Corbett from the Mindfudge Comedy Podcast. We play some killer new releases, pay tribute to Riley Gale, talk about some bands that have no original members left, and lots more!


Necrophobic – The Shadows – Dawn of the Damned

Arcanum Sanctum – ad Astra – ad Astra

Arkheron Thodol – Void Secretion – Rituals of the Sovereign Heart

Armored Saint – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Punching the Sky

Well Of Night – Apex and Eschaton – The Lower Planes Of Self-Abstraction

Tomorrow’s Rain – Misery Rain – Hollow

Fires in the Distance – The Climb – Echoes from Deep November

Ultra-Violence – Executioner’s Tax ( Swing of the Axe)

Helion Prime – Question Everything – Question Everything

Hecate Enthroned – Life – Virulent Rapture

Iron Maiden – Revelations – Live After Death

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