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REVIEW: Injustice: Gods Among Us (X360)

Well this time it really has feel like a lifetimes since I’ve posted a review, but alas I have returned and not a moment too soon. Today I will be reviewing the DC comics fighter Injustice! Last years success with the reboot of Mortal Kombat really did establish what Netherrrelam Studios (formerly Midway games) can do in the fighting game genre. The premise here is basally, “what would happen if some of DC’s most iconic heroes and villains ended up fighting each other and alternate versions of each other as well for a common goal?”


[CAUTION: Spoilers follow, skip to end after the break for review breakdown and score]

In Injustice, a great tragedy has occurred involving Superman where the Joker has destroyed Metropolis and tricks Superman in killing Lois Lane who was with child. As a result and out of pure rage, Superman murders The Joker and eventually establishes his own regime to control the Earth. The heroes and villains end up choosing sides, some choose the side of the tyrannical Superman that has now decided that the people of the Earth are no longer capable of deciding how to live their lives on their own so using his full power he will rule it all. Then some go against the grain and side with “The Insurgency” led by Batman. Batman already knowing how things would pan out, eventually finds a universe where none of this has happen(presumably our own universe) and transfers some of it’s heroes (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow) to their world. Batman and Lex Luthor (who is not evil in this universe) inform the heroes that he has a kryptonite weapon that would kill and overthrow Superman, but the plan could not be carried out since it requires the DNA of the other heroes and in this world Green Arrow perished in the war. So with the alternate worlds Green Arrow present they were able to unlock the weapon and the plan was set into motion. Meanwhile  unknowingly, our Batman was also transported to the alternate universe and eventually was captured by the Regime.


The heroes of our world that were left behind, including Superman, Flash and Cyborg thoroughly attempt to bring back the heroes that were transported and in the process Cyborg ends up being transported himself. Cyborg arrives to over hear the plan, while Lex Luthor asks for the help of Deathstroke to overthrow Superman. Cyborg not knowing that Superman is evil in this world, briefly clashes with the two but eventually cease and reluctantly decides to help them in their plot. They take over the Watchtower and plan the rescue of Batman as Lex Luthor arms himself with the kryptonite weapon in his attempt to kill Superman but fails and is killed by Superman in the process. In the last moments of the game; The Amazons and the Atlanteans provide their forces against the Regime in one gigantic war, meanwhile our worlds Superman is finally transferred to the alternate world and both Superman’s prepare for this final fight leading into his defeat and imprisonment in a red sun radiation cell, that supposedly negates his powers. In the final scene, our Superman and Batman walk away from the cell and Superman wonders if he would ever do what the alternate did. Batman ensures him if he did, that he would right there to thwart it, just in case. In the final frame, a close up of the alternate Superman shows his eyes glowing indicating that a certain degree of his power still remains.


– – – – –

Overall, I think the game had a really decent plot and storyline that might have not been matched by the graphical content itself. Aside from the story mode  however, Injustice has a vast amount of other features that will keep your buttons mashed. The STAR Labs feature is a collection of mini games and challenges that give you XP and also practice with the many different characters. Although some of these are really useful in learning movies, most of these challenges just turn into more of a grind trying to get 3 stars on everyone making it more stressful then fun. As just mentioned  you get XP from the STAR Labs, but honestly you get XP for everything you do in the game. Whether it was from the storyline play-through, random single player battles, local versus player battles or from the online multiplayer experience. Along with XP, you can unlock a vast amount of player card backgrounds and icons, alternate costumes, music. concept art and other items that allow you to rank up quicker. As for the multiplayer, it surprisingly plays pretty smooth with the occasional lag but nowhere near as bad as it was with Netherrealms previous game, Mortal Kombat. There are a few different online game modes but not too many to get lost in; King of the Hill returns along with simple 1v1 and mode called Survivor, where the top players life doesn’t fully return after each fight.

So in the end, Injustice is a formidable fighter and I see become increasingly popular that reaches the audiences of devout comic book fans to hardcore fighting game pros,


Here’s the quick breakdown:

Presentation: 9.0

Graphics:  8.2

Sound: 9.5

Gameplay: 8.6

Replay Factor: 9.4

Injustice: Gods Among Us gets a 8.9 out of  10

– – – – – – – – – –

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REVIEW: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Oh man does it feel like a lifetime, but hello everyone, Hahkan Hero here and I’m finally back with a brand new review of one of the years top tier games and maybe one of the most controversial, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. First off, apologies to everyone; life has turned in so many unexpected ways and has kept me from what I love doing –and that’s doing this, writing, playing video games but all is well and I’m back with my very in-depth opinions of this game.

Black Ops 2 is an FPS from the likes of Treyarch and as the title suggests is a sequel to 2010’s Call of Duty: Black Ops and as far as the campaign is concerned is as much as direct sequel as can be. So we will start there, I won’t go much into it because there is so much to discover and experience, but from what I’ve played of it the best way I can describe it is if you took the campaign you have always known and loves has received a well needed and deserved upgrade.  Some of the choices they made to this years campaign not only makes the game feel so much more free then previous  Call of Duty campaigns but the storytelling also evolves  with it and , in a sense, there are more than one way to tell the story—trust me it’s a really good thing!

Shifting gears onto the main reason on why the majority of the masses even buy a Call of Duty games and my personal topic of expertise, the multiplayer. So as I said before, they chose to chance up a lot in the Black Ops 2 campaign and fortunately that also applies to the multiplayer; and it has been revolutionized in the most efficient way possible.  We will start with something simply known as the “Pick 10 system”. In previous CoD’s, when you would create your custom load -out of weapons, perks, etc. you were always required to make your personal play style fit the mold of the game, meaning you had to pick a side arm you had to pick at least 3 perks, etc. This year that mold has been broken and that rule no longer applies what so ever. You have 10 points in every class you make and you are allowed to take those points and use them forever and whatever you want. If you don’t roll with a sidearm or equipment normally, use the points on more perks or more attachment’s for your gun. The combinations are endless and gives the user the most control on what they want to use when the play the game. At first hand, this can be very confusing to newer players, but this method not only added a new more fresh aspect to the multiplayer it required players to really put some thought into their classes and experiment with new  ideas rather then, like years before, follow the cookie-cutter classes of others. Another big change was going back to non-pro perks; basically all the perks in the game no longer can become “pro” and the ability that is stated is what you get, however what this did is really spread out the abilities into a more vast amount of perks which of course all cost 1 point when adding them to your load-out.  Also they have made it so that all the perks in the game only affect the player and not the gun, this means that the infamous “Sleight of Hand” perk has been eliminated, but fear not, reloading faster is still possible but in the form of an gun attachment known as “Fast Mag”.  So this brings me to the attachments. First off, it is now standard to equip two attachments to a gun, so there is no more need for a perk that does that, and with the addition to the Wildcard feature there is actually a way to have three attachments to a single gun, which has never been done before. There is an array of new types of attachments that you can use, some include the Target Finder sight that when ADS adds a red diamond to enemy players making it easier to spot them. Other new attachments include the adjustable stock that gives your gun the same ability as “Stalker” from Modern Warfare 3, the Long Barrel attachment that gives your gun an added range and the Millimeter (MMS) Scanner sight that when ADS pulses throughout the world and slightly shows players through walls.

The equipment section has also been upgraded as well; all your favorite types of grenades return with the addition of sensor grenades and shock charges to spice it up a bit. Sensor grenades show enemies on your map within a small radius and shock charges, when thrown out and stepped on, send an electric shock to enemies and slightly damage them as well. The most interesting form of equipment for me in multiplayer would have to be the tactical equipment known as the Black Hat PDA. This allows you to hack enemy equipment in the world and turn them against your opponent and it also allows you to pick up any care package from a small distance. Normally this piece of equipment can be difficult to use because you would have to be able to spot out the equipment which can prove to be difficult in such a fast pace game. However, there’s a good way to take advantage of the black hat if you would chose to make your class in such a way. You could combine the power of the black hat with the tier 3 (orange) perk “Engineer” to allow you to see all equipment in the world in bright red and through walls and ta-da you will be a hacking machine on the battlefield, but of course this only one of many ways to play. Now obviously with all these new attachments, perks and equipment there are ways to avoid them, everything is balanced to point where you won’t feel like any one attachment/perk/equipment is over used or too powerful.

All your favorite game modes return as well with the addition of few new ones like Multi-Team Deathmatch where there are 4 teams in one game all against each other and Hardpoint where you play a king of the hill type mode as you capture a point and constantly try to keep control of it. The most notable new feature though would have to be the addition of League Play and live streaming your games straight from the console!  League Play is a mode where you are given everything already unlocked and you can go into public games where you play to win and your wins determine a certain rank amongst the community. The games will place you in a division where you fight to gain higher in your division and this can be done with your friends in groups of 4. This is a really amazing feature that needs some work, but ultimately takes CoD into an eSport type era especially because this feature allows you to actually livestream your games which go straight to your YouTube or Facebook; a great way for players to get themselves out there and promote their gaming.

Last but certainly not least, there is none other but Call of Duty Zombies. Zombies is bigger and better than ever before and honestly me talking about it cannot even begin to tell you how crazy they have gone this year.  There are many that have bought this game simply for Zombies and trust me, after playing it for hours, I know exactly why. The Zombies this year uses the multiplayer engine which gave them the opportunity to take it to new heights; allowing more players, more zombies and array of new content that actually all fits together into an amazing experience, and there are more than a few surprises hidden as well.

All in all, I really believe that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 really shines above the rest when it comes to competitive shooters and I think they really listened to what the fans wanted and delivered. With that however comes my only gripe of the game, but the gripe is only about how people have been reacting to the game rather than an actually gripe about the game itself. I truly feel that the changes they made really affected how people play but the majority of people I’ve played/talked to about it seem like they have been overwhelmed with the complexity and have in turn criticized the game to depths that simply make no sense. The community for years has been begging and pleading that the change up the game where it doesn’t feel like you’re playing the same game as the year before, and as we know the 60 FPS can never be altered the game can look the same but with these new additions I can assure that the game plays almost completely different, but I suppose a portion of the masses isn’t ready for the change that they asked for. For those that are ready to play Call of Duty literally like you’ve never played before, I would strongly suggest you give this one a shot, the worst thing people can do is hold other past games against this one, but if you’ve been waiting or wanting to try a Call of Duty out or if you’re a seasoned player ready for a fresh, updated and intuitive fast pace FPS this one might be the best.


Here’s the quick breakdown:

Presentation: 9.9

Everything from the menus in-game to the menu in the lobby looks stellar and is completely crisp and refined. I’ll also note that the spinning globe in the multiplayer menu that shows all the online players is a really nice touch

Graphics:  9.5

The engine is really showing its age,  but with that being said this is still the nicest looking CoD to date and the really pushed the limits in the engine as well

Sound: 10

Probably my favorite aspect of the game honestly; the soundtrack is deep, enticing and the most memorable tracks ever and all the in-game background music keeps you attentive and never bores

Gameplay: 9.8

The game plays as smooth and as it can be, there are small hiccups here and there but nothing that will take you away from the action or the experience

Replay Factor: 10

If the multiplayer doesn’t captivate you as much as it did for me, the zombies mode WILL, end of story!


The Verdict: 9.8 out of 10

In my opinion, as controversial as it sounds, it is simply the best Call of Duty to date. I think Treyarch really put something quite spectacular together here and I will be playing this game for a really long time.

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Y U NO REVIEW?: The Metal Geek Edition Episode 2


What’s up metal geeks, Hahkan Hero here and this is episode 2 of Y U NO REVIEW: The Metal Geeks Edition, where we go over a few of the latest releases and what I think about them. This segment highlights the releases I’ve been constantly asked my opinion on or why I haven’t, so here will look over a few of them and my score of them basically reflects my honest and overall opinion of the games. Please note that this is only my opinion on the games and SHOULD NOT reflect your own personal opinions or thoughts on them, so with that said let battle commence!

Pokemon Black/White 2

Black and White 2, long story short, follows a new character set in the same region and 2 years after the events of the first Black and White. You still chose the same starter Pokémon as Black/White and will also still battle some same gym battles, with the exception of a few new areas that you start out on. The boldest addition will the ability to travel to other regions from previous games and battle those gym leaders as well. Black and White 2 doesn’t really do anything to really reinvent the series as a whole, but I think there will be a lot here for long time fans to uncover; like the ability to catch older generation Pokémon in the wild once again. This game is the new standard if you interested in keeping up with the norm and brings along a handful of new features sure to keep long time Pokémon fans occupied for countless hours on end.


Pokémon Black /White 2 receives a 7.8 out of 10

007 Legends

Coming from a long time 007/James Bond enthusiast, the wait for the next “Goldeneye” video game has been a lengthy and strenuous one, unfortunately that wait treads on with the latest Bond game, 007 Legends. 007 Legends takes existing storylines from some of the franchises greatest and most memorable movies, such as Goldfinger and License to Kill, and tells a re-imagined story that discourteously connects to the latest and upcoming film, Skyfall. I simply can’t comprehend why it seems to be so incredibly difficult to create a nice well rounded bond experience in this day and age, but each time one of these games come around they do nothing but disappoint and underwhelm a dormant audience. The AI and game mechanics are terrible; being stealthy can be completely useless since going in guns blazing would save you the heartache of playing the level and longer then you need to. However even that just feels like a cheap Call of Duty knock off, and the game features scenes that connect to the classic films that never actually happened. The only thing this game might have going for it would be the 4 player splitscreen multiplayer, but that is worthless if the multiplayer itself is lackluster and doesn’t flow well. Personally, if you’re looking for an amazing stealth game buy Dishonored and if you’re looking for a fun and compelling multiplayer FPS, there will be plenty come the fall.


007 Legends receives a 2.5 out of 10

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I’ll be the first to admit that turn-based tactical strategy games are not my forte, but I cannot deny the grace of a spectacular one when it passes by. XCOM: Enemy unknown is a re-imagined remake of a game known as UFO: Enemy Unknown, but brings the same type of game play into a modern era. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown you battle an alien threat by taking turns fighting on the battlefield as you gain new equipment and weapons and fight to save the earth.

Along with the equipment and weapons, the player can manage, construct and manufacture other research facilities that will aide them in the fight. High levels of difficulty bring a real challenge to the more seasoned strat players and an action-packed but completely watered down multiplayer can also add some extra hours as well. However it seems it can be forgotten (the multiplayer) quick with the lack of modes, players per game and maps. Besides a few hiccups here and there, the game is very well polished and will keep you coming back for more. Any fans of the series or tactical strat games in general need to give this one a whirl.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown receives a 8.4 out of 10


I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Y U NO REVIEW, please let us know what you think in the comment section below, and check out ALL of other reviews and previews!

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..and let me know what you thought of these games, and what should I review next?

This is Hahkan Hero, ’till next time stay awesome my gaming geeks and keep it metal! XD


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Through the Looking Glass, Episode 1: Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Preview

Hello once again my meal geeks, my name is Hahkan and I am back today with a brand new segment called “Through the Looking Glass”, where I take a close look at an upcoming game and share some of my thoughts and opinions on it. Today I bring a quite interesting game that has been getting a lot of good buzz lately, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a sequel to the reboot of the Dice and Danger Closes cooperative effort in Medal of Honor a few years ago. The biggest difference here is that this game is specially a Danger Close project still brought to us by EA and using the Xbox 360, where I got to do what I’ve been anticipating and that would be to get a feel what this game is going to be like come October 23rd.

At first glance Warfighter can seem a bit clustered and some will say, within the first few hours of playing it, that this is just a “knock off” of Battlefield 3, but I would beg to differ. Warfighter takes the best aspects from a game like Battlefield 3 and consolidates it to a smaller scale where two-man fireteams take the place of squads where you team up with a buddy and the two of you are able to see each other in the world and aid each other as you see fit. The mechanic doesn’t seem to work as well as I had hoped, but because more powerful when the full idea was realized for me. Before you enter a match you have to lock your slot in with your buddy to guarantee that the both of you will indeed be on the same fireteam, and in-game you will be able to spawn on him or choose to spawn at a fall back point.

The game plays surprisingly smooth and seems to play a lot less stiff than its cousin Battlefield 3, smaller scale means a more focused way of thinking of the battlefield. Getting kills, completing objectives and challenges all increase your support action gauge that allows you to choose between either a supportive killstreak (i.e. ammo replenish) or a more aggressive killstreak (mortar strike or a version of the predator missile). Although this is nothing new to a FPS, I do feel that in this game these action support streaks do add a nice familiar taste to the game.

When you first start you are allowed to choose between a vast amount of Tier 1 operatives from around the world and from there you are able to chose between 6 different classes , each one having its pros and cons but will reflect what you’re specific style of play is.  Each class has a special ability that regenerates in-game after it is activated, for example the “Pointman” class gives you one clip of high-powered ammunition and the “Spec Ops” class gives you a radar scan that allows you to see enemies through walls for a few seconds it. Personally I gravitated towards the more stealthy/SMG approach, so the Spec Ops class seems to fit me, but there is honestly a class for any type of player. When it comes to representing your country this game does a good job of letting you do that when you sign up for the medal of honor battlelog and choose your nation. From here within multiplayer games you earn tokens that you can distribute to your selected country which then grants you experience points later in the game, some may find this feature irrelevant, as the process is very confusing but the effort to change-up the online stat board that has been popular as of late still can’t be unnoticed.

Customization however, might be Warfighters’ strongest point. Although the layout isn’t as crisp and clear as Battlefield 3 or even Call of Duty, the amount of content that you can customize is truly impressive. You can change the stock, muzzle, mag type and optics to any gun you carry, not to mention the tons of paint camos you will progressively unlock. In the beta we had very limited access on the different guns but rest be assured there are a lot of awesome looking guns that will available for each class, some fan favorites like the MP7 make an appearance along with a lot of new ones as well.

All in all I think this game will shock many people on how refined it is from the last game in the series, I see this one going over very well for fans of Battlefield or Call of Duty, because I feel this might be that cross-bred FPS that everyone has been looking for; some of the flow and controls of Call of Duty with the feel and atmosphere of Battlefield, Medal of Honor: Warfighter should definitely be looked at by the cross-hairs of all FPS fans come the 23rd.

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Y U NO REVIEW? Episode 1 (FIFA 13, Jet Set Radio and more!)


What’s up my gaming geeks, the name is Hahkan Hero and today I bring to you today an all new episodic segment that I’d like to call “Y U NO REVIEW: The Metal Geeks Edition”! In this segment I will highlight a few games that I have been constantly asked my opinion on or asked to review or why I haven’t reviewed it yet. So in theory this will be my hardcore, brutally honest opinions of these releases and will give you the info you want on a collection of games that you either have been waiting to hear about, didn’t even know about or maybe didn’t even care about, so let  us begin with this week’s Y U NO REVIEW?!?


Alight, we’ll put it like this, as simple as I can put it without fearing for my life against all the soccer fanboys out there. If you have been buying these games for the last few years and is content on what you have been buying, you’ll like this…A LOT. FIFA 13 doesn’t change the way you play or feel about soccer at all, but does add a few features that long time fans will enjoy, but honestly that’s about it. The game isn’t revolutionary in any way and for new comers can be immensely overwhelming. If you are a fan of the series or the sport in general it’s a must have but if you’re trying to get into it for the first time, I’m afraid the boat has left a long time ago.









FIFA 13 gets a 6.5/10

  • Newcomers will have all sorts of trouble but a staple for the long time fans

Jet Set Radio (Xbox Live Arcade)

Dreamcast’s very own Jet Set Radio returns and it feels like just yesterday I was tagging it up with my friends on this super nostalgic game. Everything you remember is back and more with this one and I have to admit playing this with an Xbox 360 controller felt a hell of a lot better than that monstrosity of a Dreamcast controller. Going to cut to the chase though, besides a few collision issues and a really annoying tutorial level the game was fun and a bit addicting. If you are a fan of the original or a fan of Tony Hawk/Crazy Taxi type games this one is for you if you are not however this game can end up being completely worthless


Jet Set Radio gets a 7.2/10

  • Get it for nostalgia but that’s about all

Fire Pro Wrestling (Xbox Live Arcade)

There hasn’t been one third-party wrestling game (meaning any game that isn’t a main WWE release) that has ever captivating me to playing it, but someone it takes the most silliest and downright infantile game to kind of shove all that away and really make me appreciate why wrestling games are so much fun. Fire Pro Wrestling is a XBL exclusive that lets you use your avatars to wrestle, yes that’s exactly corrcet, and yes for many odd reasons it was spectacular and only 10 bucks


Fire Pro Wrestling gets a 7.9/10

  • wrestling game with a few flaws but also is a cheap and super fun time waster

And finally…

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken is back and with a lot more wub wub wub, just kidding but it is in the game. Yes Tekken Tag 2 is back and its all you would expect from the sequel to a super popular fighting game from year 2000. However, if you are a newcomer to fighters this game will not be welcoming to you one bit whereas lot of the new features benefit players that have been around the block a few times. With the flood of fighters already out there, I can see this one getting lost in the shuffle but either way its definitely better then Street Fighter X Tekken, just saying


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gets a 6.5/10

  • It’s Tekken Tag + online multiplayer

Well there it is guys, a quirky but completely honest way to review some of those other floater games out there, but my mission is far from done there are many more out there to be covered. So hope you guys enjoyed this and hopefully there will be more Y U NO REVIEWS in the future, later days!

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Borderlands 2

ImageHello again everyone, my name is Hahkan and I’m here today with a brand spanking, brutally honest review of a game that seems to be in everyone’s disc tray as of late, Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter that is mission based and caries numerous RPG elements. If you don’t know a thing about Borderlands 2, think of a game like Diablo but as a cell shaded first-person shooter with an over the top loot system that grants you literally bazillions of guns and equipment on a foreign plant riddled with numerous species of monsters and an onslaught of murderous psychopaths!

The games gives you four types of character classes you can play (Siren, Gunzerker, Assassin and Commando); each class has its own skill tree and specializations where you go through the beautiful open world of the planet Pandora and do missions to level up your character with the enjoyment of at least four of your friends (via Co-op mode or Split Screen).  When picking characters there is a lot to consider because all the classes specialize in different mechanics and play styles, the same goes for choosing what guns to keep or sell. Every gun or equipment you get has its up and downs as far as its stats are concerned, for example and gun may have great damage but lack heavily in its rate of fire or the gun may have a great clip size and do elemental damage but the accuracy made be horrible, so think heavily on how you want to spend your skill points so that it can be reflected in the guns you like. Besides the loot and guns you that you will undoubtedly find  throughout the course of the game, there are few other key aspects that can truly affect and turn the tide on  how your chose character plays. One being a precious item known as Eridium; a type of gem or sorts, Eridium is a element of great power in the world of Pandora and when you find this you can use this to upgrade your backpack size and bank size to allow yourself to hang onto more guns and equipment. This is a very useful item to say the least, when you actually start to find too many guns you’d like to hold on to but realize you can only hold so many. Besides this, Borderlands 2 features an immense challenge system and also allows you to obtain “Badass Points” which you can spend to increase stats like “critical damage” or “rate of fire” doing this increases your overall “Badass Rank”. This is just another way to tweak your character the way you want to and increase stats like “increases rate of fire” or “gun damage” to your preference. Customization is also another key addition to Borderlands 2, you can also find Customization Mods to add a variety of skins which you can  change free of charge, in the same option you can also reset your skill tree points, this option however does cost so think carefully before doing so. The drop in and drop out mechanic of the game has become a bit more organized as the layout is more clear and you can always see which of your friends are on and what rank they are as well.


The game can seem very overwhelming to some that have never played the first Borderlands but in your fist few hours of the game you will get used to everything and from then on, it’s all about the core aspect of the game, leveling up, finding all the weapons that fit you and your character and killing an array of different enemies. Whether it’s the variety of guns, which is literally over the top this time around or whether it’s the luscious and super vibrant atmosphere that encompasses the world. The leveling system doesn’t seem tedious or too easy this time around, it feels as they finally found that medium that works for everyone. I will also like to point out that the voice acting and sounds in this game was super impressive and with really fun characters to play, Gearbox made sure to include mechanics that seem to fit everyone’s different play preferences.

As far as gripes of this game, as with most games, it isn’t perfect, but the flaws are so minimal it never takes me away from the experience. However there are a few glitches issues and some spawning issues with the AI, nothing a few patches can’t fix though. If you are a fan of shooters, this is your breath of fresh air before the onslaught of the fall season really kicks up, take advantage of it because you definitely will not regret it.


So here’s the breakdown:

  • Presentation: 9.7 “The cell shaded isn’t every ones favorite, but I honestly can’t see this game any other way, it’s don’t so brilliantly that I can’t help to just stop and marvel in it sometimes while playing”
  • Graphics: 9 “The game flows well with exception of a few glitches and bugs and some lag issues when too much is happening at once, all that can be hashed out with some title updates”
  • Sound: 9.5 “Amazing sound track in this game and the voice over work is top notch”
  • Gameplay: 9.5 “For newcomers there may be too much their initially, but if taken the time everything is well explained and evaluated within the course of the game; the core mechanics haven’t changed from the first one, so not much too rate their – it worked just as well if not better then the first game”
  • Replay Factor: 9.8 “Moderately High; even after one play through you still feel it is needed to go back and find those amazing guns you see your friends stumbled upon and to choose other characters to play as, this keeps the replay factor nice and constant for a good while”

Overall, Borderlands 2 gets a 9.5 out of 10!

This time around Gearbox may have not “reinvented the wheel” of action RPG shooters, they were able to deliver a well rounded experience for anyone out there that likes to shoot stuff with their friends for hours and hours on end!

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Rock Band Blitz (Xbox Live Arcade)

Whats  up guys, Hahkan Hero here and today with my debut video game review here on Metal Geeks I decided to go with my latest purchase from the Xbox Live Arcade, Rock Band Blitz. Rock Band Blitz is a downloadable game on Xbox Arcade and the Playstation Network and is the latest installment in the Rock Band series; where it actually doesn’t follow the same format as their previous games, because in Blitz you actually don’t have to plug in any peripherals at all to play, you use simply only your controller. Blitz follows the lines of such games like Frequency or Amplitude, but honestly after playing this one for countless hours I would compare this game to the PSP game Rock Band Unplugged more than anything. In Rock Band Blitz you take on all aspects of a band (Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards) by matching notes as they come down in a traditional music game format. In Blitz you’re able to use your entire Rock Band library in the game to many of the in-game mechanics seem to work really well together. There is a score system that allows you to actually use a type of perk system that gives you bonuses when you play a track, some allow you to have an “extra band-mate” to help you out and some turn the notes into flames which give you extra points if you can keep hitting them as they come. As noted before you can use, from my knowledge, any and all the tracks you have purchased over the years from any of the Rock Bands but another big aspect to why this game is worth the 15 dollar price tag is the fact that the game also acts as a small DLC pack for Rock Band 3. All the songs that come with Blitz are playable in Rock Band 3, however most of the songs included in Blitz are quite poppy and stray far away from my taste in music personally, but some spectacular metal songs made the list and obligated me to get this game like  “Cult of Personality” from  Living Colour and “The Wicker Man from my favorite metal band Iron Maiden. The online aspect to the game is pretty bland but  being able to challenge your friends to beat your scores can be really fun and add  competitiveness to the game. In the end It was really nice to play such an addicting solo music genre game for only 15 bucks. Not to mention increasing my Rock Band library and being able to jam out to amazing music while not having to lug out the plastic instruments from my closet in the process!

So here’s the breakdown:

  • Presentation: [9] Looks really amazing and colorful; kind of a throwback to Guitar hero 1 and 2 days in the way it looks
  • Graphics: [8.5] Flows extremely well, not too many glitches but a few lag issues when things get heavy
  • Sound: [10] Obviously the hi-light of the show here; tracks play really well and sound great; and with the ability to use all the tracks that you have purchased, you can basically make your own game
  • Gameplay: [8] Can be really tedious and confusing initially, learning how to switch between instruments and to keep score; basically knowing how to play rock band doesn’t necessarily help all that much, but the Blitz tutorial really does clear all confusion
  • Replay Factor: [8] With many of the aspects already listed above: Backwards compatible soundtrack and the game using only a controller rather then having to use an instrument peripheral and the leaderboard aspect to the game, i can see becoming quite the competitive strive for a lot of gamers out there

Overall Rock Band Blitz gets a  8.7 out of 10, i think its worth the money and its a great change of pace when you just want to chill and play some music

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