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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: All-New Marvel NOW! – Original Sin #1

Coming off the back of issue 0,  here comes the first installment of an 8 part mini series. With an all-star cast in this years first big event since “Infinity” (which in my opinion was so weak!); lets dive in.

When getting stuck into it felt like a right old English style “who did it?” Murder Mystery, if my memory serves me right I don’t think MARVEL has ever done? Picking up on the strong points it has to be the back and forth dialog. Fun conversations in the dinner with 4 of Marvels big hitters reminiscing about the past. Later on in the issue with a real “fantasy football” team-ups with the likes of Dr. Strange, The Punisher, Moon Knight, and Gamora. Oh yes we are in for some heavy hitting soon!

Moving back onto the art, Mike Deodato has drawn some outstanding images. From the close-up shot of Fury with the shading to The Watchers lifeless body with blood spatter floating of into space.

When you get to the action your featuring Spidey and the Thing going toe-to-toe with “The Mindless One”. The way this altercation pans out, you start to really feel for the creature. Having known nothing to knowing someone else’s pain and suffering and feeling things someone else has felt, then having to endure it is too much for anyone or anything living on this Earth.

**Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven’t read this comic skip this next bit!**

The end page has to be the most visually shocking thing I’ve seen done by Marvel in a while. A shadowed figure holding the watchers eyes! It really adds to the who the hell did it?!

To wrap this up I’ve got to say I am very impressed with the first issue and im glad JM has given me this to continue with reviewing. I’ll be sticking with it all the way! It is worth every penny (or cent) but if your like me buy a few issues and read it all at once so you get a real buzz for what’s going on; but if you get itchy fingers just go ahead and read it ! This is another 5/5 horns for The Original Sin!

So let me know what you think and reach me on Instagram or Tweet Me!

So for next time Geekazoids. I am Hamid Hojabr.  All ways remember to “Rock Out With Your Geek Out!

OriginalSin1 3739501-original_sin_1_preview_1 3739502-original_sin_1_preview_2 3739507-original_sin_1_preview_3 3739505-original_sin_1_preview_4

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Deodato & Frank Martin
Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

You can purchase Original Sin #1 “Who Shot The Watcher” from Marvel Comics or by locating your local brick and mortar Comic Book Shop here!

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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: DC Comics – Justice League 3000 #6


Difficult! I know there aren’t many out there that have not been reading anything Justice League and quite frankly, I’m the odd man out, majority of the time. I’ve never really seen much appeal in the joint adventures as I felt often times it was trying to focus on too many things at one time to get a strong point across and be clear on what is going on. To a new reader this was a tough one. More than usually jumping into a series that I have no prior knowledge of. Many references to existing occurrences, developing current story line but hardly explaining items to again, make new readers aware of earlier happenings. It isn’t unheard of, because why take 2 steps forward and 3 back just to bring a new audience up to speed EVERY issue? While it isn’t a bad idea, I understand it, have to track new ground and not keep embellishing on the past. With that said, let’s jump in. BUT! Take fair warning I care not of fact corrections, but admire constructive criticisms, only helps me as a writer and a fan. Makes me want to learn more and to really think outside of the bubble, broaden horizons. Enough of that! LETS GET IT ON!

Opening scene we find Bats, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Firestorm facing off with “The Five.” Entombed deep within the 31st century, they are quickly transported into confinement and apparently there for dissection both mentally and possibly killed off…then their remains sifted through for study. All of this before any real action happens. Coeval, the main blue digital broadcasts himself into the minds of the league at the same time, but in separate conversations, a multi-channel interrogation of sorts. Batman and Wonder Woman, seeking to gain information on how to defeat and access weaknesses have a one track mind. Firestorm however, swears no allegiance to the Justice League, nor Coeval. This revealed after Coeval’s plan to have the League help The Five maintain balance and help destroy the remaining clusters of the resistance.

In each conversation we learn quickly what each character is like and how they have come to survive for so long and in some instances (Super Man) what was sacrificed to make it so. Each conversation is like a different channel. We have three characters still standing on the truths of every Hero, one looking out for himself, abandoning all allegiances, one feeling guilty, experiencing a bit of an ego trip. Lastly we find the Flash, holding his ground until mention of Cadmus not telling the truth, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Super Man learning of their origins after their regeneration after death occurred. He’s being swayed, only for the chance to learn of what he was. There seems a lingering mini story within a story of how the Green Lantern has become miniature sized and almost made into jewelry by a mood swung blue brat named Locus.

While the drawings and panels seem vibrant and detailed driven, I couldn’t fully enjoy this read. Simply for the fact I was really blind. It wasn’t to where I wanted to read it over a couple of times to get it all to make enough sense. Sure I could Wiki read about the prior story but that might just leave me disappointed. While I’ve learned to venture out on new comics and characters I won’t close the book on this one just yet and have it be a bad example of DC creations. There was just too much going on for my liking. I’ll favor my monotone character stories and be happy with guest appearances and references too. Call me one colored but I likes what I likes, but by everyone, especially in comics have things they like in certain ways. I’ll evolve, but slowly, have to learn to accept change!

\m/ \m/ out of 5

-Simon Hernandez

JL3000-Cv6 JL3000-6-1 JL3000-6-2 JL3000-6-3 JL3000-6-4 JL3000-6-5
If you want to purchase this comic digitally, head on over to the official DC COMICS website. If you want a physical copy head on over to Comic Shop Locator, enter in your location (BTW it works internationally) to find a shop near you. Tell them the Metal Geeks sentcha!

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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: The All-New Marvel NOW! – Punisher #5 “Blackout”


Loved it. Is what I said after my first experience with the Punisher. A lesser known origin story entitled “BORN” a 4 issue arc released in 2003 via MAX comics. In it focused his days of guerrilla warfare fighting in the jungles of Vietnam. Frank Castle is here again to give the page flipping adrenaline, kill the bad guys with the most bullets and biggest explosions. When I read about the Punisher making a return, I got stoked! Originally this review was meant to deliver on only issue #5 but I’ve been following it since the inception of issue #1. It had yet to let me down and it’s really hard to justify standing behind only one issue since they have all been great so far.

On the hunt for drugs, he tails the Los Sols, Mexican cartel into L.A. You learn in issue one, never insult a man’s car, no matter how shitty; and you never, NEVER, touch his gun. Lessons to live by kids. He befriends officer Stone, her empty received flirts towards Frank get her nowhere, he’s a Ronin renegade, and a damn near permanent five o’ clock shadow. The Los Sols have a new weapon once believed to be chemical, capable of cleaning out an entire town, leaving nothing but torched and rotting corpses. We soon meet an old foe, recent for Spiderman, but a “shock” for Mr. Castle. All of this and he’s unaware that he’s being trailed by a black ops group that call themselves “The Howling Commandos”. It seems to be getting plenty thick for the ol’ skull shirted man. He implements his regular, no-nonsense type of interrogations both behind closed doors and in the field. He’s trumped by his electric foe again trying to get to the bottom of this newly developed weapon. Los Sols working with A.I.M. getting the hired help is working quite well.

The shadows are getting closer to Punisher, this issue ends in a face off. Strong words and great quotes. Fearing death is “A weakness of men. I am The Punisher.” Oh how I wish the the poorly created movies that have been birthed were written like this comic. In some fashions giving the death dealer a bad name! Being dismissed before given a chance. I’ll be honest, I was in that crowed for a time, but no longer! Often found myself saying out loud the sound effect of the guns or the explosions, reading the narration in a deep monotone voice, it plays out so well, this series is 5 for 5 in my eyes. It’s rugged, violent, unforgiving, shoot-ask questions-shoot again – kill, repeat. Illustrations weren’t skipped in bringing the splatter meter either! Great writing, storytelling, and flow. Recommend to the fullest.

Til next time geeks!

\m/\m/\m/\m/ of five.

-Simon Hernandez (Ironsleeve318)

Punisher 5 coverPunisher 5 Page 1Punisher 5 Page 2Punisher 5 Page 3Punisher 5 Page 4Punisher 5 Page 5


Nathan Edmondson

Mitch Gerads

Mitch Gerads

VC – Cory Petit

Mitch Gerads

Marvel Comics


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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: The All-New Marvel NOW! – Cyclops #1

Before getting started, I just want to acknowledge this year is the year of reboots and first issues. Boy do we really need them. For that matter, we are given another X-men spin-off title. Don’t get me wrong. Magneto’s series is kick ass! Check out JM’s review on it and your see why! I am really into, Brian Michael Bendis’ “All New X-men” but my interest for a pubescent teenage Scott Summers with daddy issues is non-existent.

The comics isn’t terrible buy any stretch of the imagination; but it’s just average. The art has done very well to keep to artist David Marquez’s drawing style of the young Scott Summers from All New X-Men. There are some redeeming quality’s. For instance, Scott using his optical beam through space. Also, there is a scene in the Space Jammers cockpit what very Star Wars Esq and it was cool to see how a young Scott Summers instinctively lead the head of the attack on the other ship…but that’s really about it. There is just no substance. No edge to get you hooked. No yearning for more. The way it ends it could easily be a one shot issue with nothing really leading you for more or no real cliff hanger.

I know I’m not really writing much about the first issue but I don’t believe in shitting on someone else work too much. To me this comic isn’t worth paying for by adding it to your Wednesday hauls. So swerve it for now, maybe wait until it’s a Trade Paper Back. Nevertheless, if you do get it go for Skottie Young’s baby variant. Its a pretty cool dawn baby Cyclops shooting his optic beam. Anyways, I’m only going to give this a 2 Metal Horns out of 5.

So let me know what you think and reach me on Instagram @his_masters_voice25 or tweet me @hamidhojabr.

I am Hamid Hojabr. All ways remember to “Rock Out With Your Geek Out!”


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COMIC BOOK REVIEW – All New Marvel Now! – Elektra #1

Return of the red clad assassin in barely there underoos paired with sharp steel and bandanas. A quick read this time around. All referencing old memories of a life that once was of what she used to be. A daughter, girlfriend, daughter, and a slave. Now only an assassin she seeks to gain exit from New York, her cage. The cage that traps her in a pool of depression and not so good times. She visits the matchmaker. In simple terms, the death dealer, she handles the contracts when someone else wants a certain target eliminated. A couple of pages of montage and silhouettes of well-known characters including Daredevil, Bullseye, King Pin, and Sabertooth. Asking for a contract to get her out, she’s given one by the matchmaker; which has her chasing a ghost of sorts.

Intro, Cape Crow. An assassin killing vigilante, taking other’s contracts for his own gain, seems to have disappeared. Going off of cold tracks and whispers of his last whereabouts, the Match Maker gives Elektra all that she may need to bring him in alive. With a major vote of confidence, Match Maker tells Elektra she’s the only one that has a chance of accomplishing just that. Elektra agrees to the 30% cut for the contract dealer, as the reward is the highest she’s ever seen. It’s then that we meet the second devious demon in the story, “Bloody Lips”. An acrobatic spear wielding force that’s able to consume a piece of his fallen enemy and get their memories and or abilities, Megaman style….but with cannibalism thrown in. His attack on one of the many S.H.I.E.L.D. storage facilities leads him into “asset containment” room, where he is introducing himself to a groggy Bullseye.

Overall I didn’t really think it all meshed up well enough to be considered a cohesive book. The illustrations took a form of grain like water paintings, maybe to create ambiance and perception of a memory sequence; or so I thought at first, but when it continued past all of that it was just another vault to overcome getting though the read. It being the first issue I left a window for explanation and references with some memories thrown in but it was quickly closed and seemed as a try-to-hard in storytelling. Just something’s should not be re-done or just left alone. Another bad one in my eyes, so definitely a pass on this route. Normally I’d say there’s a change for redemption in later issues but even if there was, I wouldn’t be aware as I’ll be passing on this run all together. Til next time folks.

– Simon Hernandez


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Magneto, The Master of Magnetism. Well sort of…you see, at the moment; Magneto has broken powers. The Phoenix Force blasted through him and many more Marvel characters and their powers have been “broken”; or rather, reduced. Sure it is a handicap of course; however, that won’t stop Magneto from infiltrating corporations with intentions on harming Mutants and humans. That’s right. He’s pretty pissed about and I quote:

“…I must use more conventional means to achieve my goals. Those who hide within are responsible for unspeakable acts against the HUMANS they corrupt and turn into monsters…and against the Mutants those monsters have slaughtered…and ME. Here to bring it all down.”

In other words, there are not any limits or boundaries to restrain himself from annihilating all those involved in this project. Except maybe he can’t just toss the building into the sun. Since he’s a brilliant man he’s become extremely versatile with the restrictions, embarrassed by the lack of strength, he utilizes the simplistic approach to conquer. With that said, he has moments of frustrations with captions of nostalgia and reminiscing of how powerful he was in the past. But writer, Cullen Bunn, uses his phenomenal talent to make Magneto just as powerful, without all the power. Confusing? Well you will have to read issue 1 and 2 to understand how far Magneto will go, how he’s adapted, and why he’s being tracked. He’s leaving a body trail and the feds are just a few steps behind.

One last word on the comic because it’s VERY important. Artist, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, has been on board with Cullen Bunn since issue 1. Every page is masterful. The darkness of Magento’s mental state is plastered throughout the comic book. I hate to compare the style to Charlie Adlard of The Walking Dead fame, but it’s what I think of in most of the panels. Particularly in the homeless tent camp. Further into the comic are splashes of colors by Jordie Bellaire conveying the travesty Magneto has endured in trying to find his own sanctuary of peace. Nevertheless, this comic has phenomenal artistic presentation.

Do I recommend you reading Issue 3? Yes. There are some easter eggs for potential story arcs or game changers in this issue; but I must urge you, again; read from issue 1. It’ll cost you $12 at your local Comic Shop. It’s well worth it. Why? Because I give this issue a solid 5 out 5 Horns.


– JMMetalGeek


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COMIC REVIEW: DC Comics – Batman Eternal #3

Batman Eternal Header

I’m going to get this out-of-the-way early. I, Simon H., have never. EVER, read a Batman series from the beginning let alone its entirety. I’ve read the TPB a few times of “Death of a Family” (The New 52) and it was awesome! Quickly discovering what I’ve been missing. When I found this issue was assigned to me I was a bit tickled because I had jumped on the chance to read a #1 (starting from the beginning) at my local Comic Shop ( Thus far this series has a habit and a beautiful way of painting pictures with words, particularly the accenting backdrop of Gotham. In only 3 issues we meet new characters and plenty of familiar faces. I blasted through 3 issues like no other and since writing this #4 has been released. At first I was a bit puzzled by the fact Eternal was going to be released EVERY week for the foreseeable future, and maybe concerned I’d fall behind. After reading the releases, my mind was put at ease for the fact I wouldn’t have to wait a 2 weeks or a month to get my hands on the next issue.

We see the likes of diversionary tactics of lesser known characters in the early goings to help build to the grander side of things. For instance, Jim Gordon as an old man, gunslinger cowboy, who is responsible for killing a whole bunch of innocent people on the subway by trying to subdue a suspect? Is the commish on his final days? All fingers point to…..No not really, there is always contributing factors to a good guy being put in the negative light. But the stack and pile is getting mighty high and even the Gordon believers are being swayed.

A shadowy figure playing advisor to the mayor of Gotham, hell-bent on restoring things to the way they were. The good ol’ days of gangsters and no masked freaks. The spaghetti modern western type days. The man who was responsible for chasing out this shadow figure (I’ll tell you who it is in a bit), the fishy fiend known as the Penguin is confident in knowing everything that happens in Gotham. He has his fingers on the pulse and is sideswiped to the news of the return of Falcone. The Penguin being the biggest name villain we see in the read so far, is the first to be taken down, his weapon stashes are reported on fire. The proverbial, “take the biggest guy in the yard down first, to make a statement” plays well with this.

This a pretty straight to the point and awesome read. I’d recommend to anyone, new or old to the Bat scene. Sure there are some fill in the blanks if you aren’t familiar with the entire DC universe but it takes élite status for that I’m sure. The mention of war was laid out several times in this read, it led me to my first every “Sound track to your read” kind of mentality. There are bullets, bombs, chemicals, and FIRE! Being the Slayer fan that I am, I couldn’t help but hear Tom Araya’s scream of “WAAAARRRRRRRRR” when Falcone’s face was revealed. Since #3 was the assignment and again mentioned that #4 is out, I’ll leave you with the info I have now and keep the little gem of the continuing story to myself, unless you heed my advice and pick up this awesome run of our friendly neighborhood….I mean caped crusader, the Dark Knight, the White eyed creature of the night, BATMAN!!!

– Simon Hernandez

Batman Eternal Cover
Batman Eternal 1
Batman Eternal 2
Batman Eternal 3Batman Eternal 4


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COMIC REVIEW: Shadowman – “End Times #1 (of 3)”

“Valiant” isn’t a comic book company I really know about same with the character “Shadow Man” so when I was assigned this for reviewing. I totally didn’t know what to really expect so here I am going in open mind to try new things!

At first glance, the cover draws you into it. The colors used make it vibrant; which turns out it is massively consistent though out the Comic. It seemed even more so when I was reading it on my iPad the sharpness is incredible. The use of bold and vibrant backgrounds miss match colors to set bizarre tones. In its own way, it’s quite Sin City esq.

There are so many strong points to “Shadow Man” alone. Stunning artwork with good story telling.Emphasis on GOOD not amazing, which is my only bone to pick. It’s an issue #1 and it’s not very informative to the origins. I understand “Shadow Man” has been around since the 90’s and people don’t want another origin story every time they decide to reboot the franchise. However, going back to my earlier review of Supergirl Issue 30 where I pointed out they only needed 4 boxes of internal monologue to give a quick re-cap on what is going on. As a result of this I was having to go back while reading, Google who and what a “Loas & Abettor” is and what it really took me out of reading experience. To be very clear I did enjoy what I was reading! There are some panels of dialog and fighting along with self-struggles. My favorite of mine a smack talking puking head!

My advice to you, if you’re a Shadow Man “virgin” go look up some back story then head back on over because I recommend it and give it a good 3 horns out of 5. But don’t just take my word for it! Go check it out yourself! And let me know what you think.

I am Hamid Hojabr. All ways remember to “Rock Out With Your Geek Out!”


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ALL NEW MARVEL NOW! Comic Book Review: Original Sin #0 Who Is The Watcher?

Original Sin

When I first heard about this comic coming out, I immediately went to JM and demanded to give me this issue for review. It wasn’t even on our agenda for the week. That’s how bad I wanted it ! And trust me I was not disappointed at all!

Original Sin is the definition of what story telling really is. You follow a young Sam Alexander (aka NOVA) opening by speaking to his drunken dead beat father listen to his stories of pride of his glory days. After a few panels you get a real scene of the lads innocence. Even though he carries so much responsibility on his back he still has that inquisitive nature knowing the Watcher can never intervene; but still, he remains relentless in his quest of knowledge.

Later you get really peek into the Watchers world; which isn’t really something that hasn’t really been explored. Accompanied by mind blowing visuals of everything Uatu has ever seen and is ever going to see is an array of alternative time lines and paradoxes. If you’re an “80’s baby” like me, every dream you had just came true reading about time! But above all else the story writes so well it just keeps you yearning for more!


In my eyes, this comic is a perfect representation of why THE ALL NEW MARVEL Now! Has such a strong line of comics coming out. They stick to a well thought out format of how to tell a story, while keeping it so close to the father of comics Stan Lee’s vision , The Marvel Method; every comic is someone’s first comic. So, if you’re a lover of space dramas, twist-n-turns, and parallel universes this title is for you! That’s why this week im smashing out a first time 10/10 for this comic. Don’t just take my word for it! Go check it out yourself! Let me know what you think you can reach me on Instagram, Tweet me, or even drop me line on the MetalGeeks FB page!

For next time Geekazoids, I am Hamid Hojabr. All ways remember to “Rock Out With Your Geek Out!”


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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Image Comics – Zero #7

Dusty…isolated….hot….sunset; Where? Juarez, Mexico. In the year 2020. A man on a cell phone saying his farewell for now. He plans ahead to what he’ll do when he gets back with voice on the other end of the phone call, Sara. He sends an I love you with heartfelt emotions. With a striking resemblance to one Mr. Tommy Lee Jones, the man in the black suit hangs up and quickly makes a call; sequencing things with a single word to a person on the other end, “Proceed.” The chatterbox in the suit has a bit of power among him and a companion that has dreams of black sand beaches with red waters; an underlying metaphor for something that we don’t quite find out just yet in this issue. Introduced separately, we quickly find them on the way to a meeting with a man that isn’t given a name just yet; but with the amount of security and heavily armed guards. He’s a “head honcho” of some sort. He warns the suit that his reading of books, via his newly acquired Kindle, had him reading deep philosophical type things which; according to the unknown man, is relatable to the recent times. “Kali Yuga”. This strange new term is part of a four-legged mythological creäture. Age of Satya, The Golden Age (where things get interesting). Trita and Kali Yuga, where the devils rise up and present the end of days. After the business is done, the Suit (now known as Michael) and his companion in training leave the compound, only to find themselves pulled over on a peak, overlooking the place they just left. With a flash of brilliant light, the place is leveled, annihilated as well as its inhabitants. From here Michael goes into a shortly given speech of Love being a parasite, that’s in a constant state of emergency that ruins everything. Leading into plans for when they return, a person named “Cooke” will be taken care of; referring to back to the, “Proceed” comment made on the phone from the beginning. A chain of events than grinds to a halt, leaving Michael in a pool of his own blood. A bullet delivered from his companion in training to the back of his head.











At times I felt as if I was reading the equivalent of a Tarantino movie. It has a dialog, but if you missed something you might be screwed and you’ll find yourself the need to read it over….and over…maybe another time just so it all fits together. While this was the attempt I normally attack my reviews it never fails to go over something one more time. There was very little text in the dialog, wasn’t lacking by any means but the illustrators and writers did a great job making up using the panels to prime you for what was to come. This being the #7 in the series it was a little difficult to decipher what exactly was going on. Considering the only person that was given a name, was on the end of the first cell phone conversation, it wasn’t until half way through, the man in the suit named “Michael”. So a hand full of characters and only 2 names, kind of leaves you wandering around. It might have only three times I found myself say “Wtf just happened…” because it was just a quick change but that isn’t said with any kind of negative light, it was good! All in all it made me want more, I’m a sucker for a great cliff hanger. The last several panels left me with my mouth hanging agape and heading over to IMAGE’s website to find the next release date. So with another notch in my belt of adventuring into a wide variety that is IMAGE comics, I have yet to-be disappointed.

Until next read ladies and gents


-Simon Hernandez-

Ironsleeve318 –

Story By: Ales Kot
Art By: Matt Taylor
Cover By: Matt Taylor
Variant Cover By: Sean Phillips
Price: $2.99

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