MSRcast 122: All Fuck’n Metal!


Welcome to another metal filled episode of MSRcast with your hosts, Evil C. and Bolthorn. Back to our regularly scheduled program, we bring you heaps of new metal, some underground metal, some brutalness, some sickness, some powery goodness, and everything in between. Thanks for tuning in and as always, Keep it Fucking Metal!

Suicidal Tendencies – No Fuck’n Problem
Aborted – Global Flatline
Unisonic – Unisonic
Paradise Lost – Crucify
Coldworker – A New Era
Black Sun Aeon – Solitude
Pro-Pain – Shine 2011
Hour Of Penance – Malevolence of the Righteous
Susperia – The Bitter Man (Orchestra Version)
Iced Earth – The Mob Rules
Brimwylf – Three Tridents
Demoniacal Genuflection – Darker Worship
Nothnegal – Claymore
3 Inches of Blood – Preachers Daughter
Dragonland – Supernova
the 11th Hour – The Death of Live

Remember to contact us at, and follow us over on Twitter, @msrcast and @bothorn79. Come and join Evil C. and Bolthorn over on Facebook, and while you are there, join our facebook fan page! We now have a brand new permanent phone number at (832) 429-6669. anything like that, just our favorite shit from the past year! Enjoy, and keep it metal!

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