MSRcast 125: Interview with Dino Cazares of Fear Factory

Welcome to another special episode of MSRcast as we bring you an interview with Dino Cazares from the leaders of industrial metal, Fear Factory. We spleak to Dino about the new album, “The Industrialist”, and discuss his career, his other bands, and returning back to the Fear Factory fold. Here is this episode’s playlist:

Fear Factory – Recharger – The Industrialist
Fear Factory – Frequency – Hatefiles
Fear Factory – Self Bias Resistor – Demanufacture
Dirge Within – As We Prey
Iced Earth – It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N’ Roll)
Roadrunner united live – Replica
Asesino – Asesino
Divine Heresy – Failed Creation
Fear Factory – Resurrection

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