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MSRcast 149: 2013 Rewind Part 1


Welcome friends to the annual MSRcast rewind. This is the first part of our look back at our favorite releases from the past year. Remember, this is not a top 10, and in no kind of order, but we just play songs from the albums we dug the most out of the past year, including Gorguts, Queensryche, Ihsahn, Exhumed, Tyr, Ayreon, Serenity and many more. Opinions! There was so much metal to enjoy, that we had to bring on a very special guest, Sean from the metalpigeon.com metal blog. Check out his exquisite musings about all sorts of metal topics! Enjoy the metal!

Gorguts – Forgotten Arrows – Colored Sands (Cary and JM)

Queensryche – In This Light – Queensryche (Cary, JM and Sean)

Amorphis – Hopeless Days – Circle (Sean)

Oceans Of Slumber – Remedy – Aetherial (Cary)

Serenity – Wings Of Madness – War Of Ages (Sean)

Ihsahn – “NaCI” – Das Seelenbrechen (JM)

Ayreon – The Theory Of Everything – The Theory Of Everything (Cary)

Darkthrone – Leave No Cross Unturned – The Underground Resistance (Sean)

Exhumed – “Coins Upon The Eyes” Necrocracy – (JM and Cary)

Tyr – The Lay Of Our Love – Valkyrja (Sean)

Avantasia – Saviour In The Clockwork – The Mystery Of Time (Sean and Cary)

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Metal Geeks 35: 2013 Rewind Geekery


Greetings and Salutations Geekazoids. It’s Week 3 into 2014 but we wanted to make sure we have a special show for you all. In this episode your loyal hosts and Caped Crusaders Cary G and JM Metal Geek are joined by Cary G’s Wife, Kim; as well as JD of “2 Ninja’s 1 Podcast”. Tune in and listen to us give you our favorite Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows, and Games of 2013. As well as some things we are looking forward to in 2014.  

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