MSRcast 256: Steel Oats Metal

Join the MSRcast crew as we dive into lots of new metal, discuss the return of Concerts including the return of Hell’s Heroes fest in Houston, drama in some metal bands including Mors Principium Est and uhhh, yeah, even K-Pop.  Playlist: Silver Lake by Esa Holopainen – In Her Solitude – Silver Lake by Esa … More MSRcast 256: Steel Oats Metal

Metal Geeks 156: Legendary Geekery

Join Brutal Dave and Cary the Metal Geek as they they get all metal this episode with brutal discussions on the current Halloween movie, Overlord, Fantastic Beasts, concert experiences seeing a wide range of bands including Amorphis, Omnium Gatherum, Moonspell, Dark Tranquility, Wolfheart, Mors Principium Est, Carach Angren, Wolves in the Throne Room, At The … More Metal Geeks 156: Legendary Geekery

Metal Geeks 117: Tickling My Geekery

The Metal Geeks venture into Disney territory as they discuss their favorite all time animated movies and the whole crew tackles the new Metallica in George Hates Metal. There is also discussions about Moana, Planet Coaster, the Excorcist tv show, Black Friday purchases, Disney Parks announcements including Epcot, Tower Of Tower, Avatar, Universal Studios bringing … More Metal Geeks 117: Tickling My Geekery