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MSRcast 209: Awaken the Metal

Your hosts, Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon, convene upon the Metal Gods to discuss what new metal they have been jamming, discuss the amazing Bruce Dickinson – Scream For Me Sarajevo documentary, and day tribute to Metalocalypse director, Jon Schnepp. Keep it metal!


Bruce Dickinson – Inertia – Scream For Me Sarajevo

Metalocalypse – Awaken – The Dethalbum

Elvenstorm – Bloodlust – The Conjuring

Kobra and the Lotus – Losing My Humanity – Prevail II

Pale Divine – The Eyes of Destiny – Cemetery Earth

Hoth – The Living Dreams of a Dead God – Astral Necromancy

Lords of Black – Only – Icons of the New Day

Thaurorod – 24601 – Coast of Gold

Necrophobic – Tsar Bombs – Mark of the Necrogram

Lucifer – Dreamer – Lucifer II

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Metal Geeks 23: Gerry Kissell: Code Word: Geekery


Join us, weary travelers, for another episode of the Metal Geeks podcast as we welcome aboard our very special guest, artist extraordinaire, Gerry Kissell. We start off by discussing Gerry and his careers in comics, including Iron Sky, Code Word: Geronimo, Alan Wake, and the upcoming Vindicated INC, the story about a former Delta Force Operator who loses his legs in combat, and with his new prosthetic legs, becomes a crime fighting vigilante. That is where it get’s strange. We dive into all sorts of topics, including, but not to exclude talk about graphic novels, Batman, Call Of Duty and multiplayer games, DLC for video games, Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith, Cyberforce, some military grade weapons, filmmaking and storyboarding, Mike Mignola, comic book conventions, Microsoft still supporting Xbox 360 after new generation, Game Of Thrones, binge watching tv shows, Strikeback, the Dinklage of Peter, AC/DC, some strange Bruce Dickinson news, and a plethora of many other different and strange topics! This episode was three guys just hanging out and rocking out with their geeks out! We are not very family friendly in this episode, and have so much fun, so dig in everybody!

You can keep up with all of Gerry with the following: @gerrykissell on the twitter and visit his website at Gerrykissell.com!

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