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COMIC REVIEW: DC Comics – Batman Eternal #3

Batman Eternal Header

I’m going to get this out-of-the-way early. I, Simon H., have never. EVER, read a Batman series from the beginning let alone its entirety. I’ve read the TPB a few times of “Death of a Family” (The New 52) and it was awesome! Quickly discovering what I’ve been missing. When I found this issue was assigned to me I was a bit tickled because I had jumped on the chance to read a #1 (starting from the beginning) at my local Comic Shop (4colorfantasies.com). Thus far this series has a habit and a beautiful way of painting pictures with words, particularly the accenting backdrop of Gotham. In only 3 issues we meet new characters and plenty of familiar faces. I blasted through 3 issues like no other and since writing this #4 has been released. At first I was a bit puzzled by the fact Eternal was going to be released EVERY week for the foreseeable future, and maybe concerned I’d fall behind. After reading the releases, my mind was put at ease for the fact I wouldn’t have to wait a 2 weeks or a month to get my hands on the next issue.

We see the likes of diversionary tactics of lesser known characters in the early goings to help build to the grander side of things. For instance, Jim Gordon as an old man, gunslinger cowboy, who is responsible for killing a whole bunch of innocent people on the subway by trying to subdue a suspect? Is the commish on his final days? All fingers point to…..No not really, there is always contributing factors to a good guy being put in the negative light. But the stack and pile is getting mighty high and even the Gordon believers are being swayed.

A shadowy figure playing advisor to the mayor of Gotham, hell-bent on restoring things to the way they were. The good ol’ days of gangsters and no masked freaks. The spaghetti modern western type days. The man who was responsible for chasing out this shadow figure (I’ll tell you who it is in a bit), the fishy fiend known as the Penguin is confident in knowing everything that happens in Gotham. He has his fingers on the pulse and is sideswiped to the news of the return of Falcone. The Penguin being the biggest name villain we see in the read so far, is the first to be taken down, his weapon stashes are reported on fire. The proverbial, “take the biggest guy in the yard down first, to make a statement” plays well with this.

This a pretty straight to the point and awesome read. I’d recommend to anyone, new or old to the Bat scene. Sure there are some fill in the blanks if you aren’t familiar with the entire DC universe but it takes élite status for that I’m sure. The mention of war was laid out several times in this read, it led me to my first every “Sound track to your read” kind of mentality. There are bullets, bombs, chemicals, and FIRE! Being the Slayer fan that I am, I couldn’t help but hear Tom Araya’s scream of “WAAAARRRRRRRRR” when Falcone’s face was revealed. Since #3 was the assignment and again mentioned that #4 is out, I’ll leave you with the info I have now and keep the little gem of the continuing story to myself, unless you heed my advice and pick up this awesome run of our friendly neighborhood….I mean caped crusader, the Dark Knight, the White eyed creature of the night, BATMAN!!!

– Simon Hernandez

Batman Eternal Cover
Batman Eternal 1
Batman Eternal 2
Batman Eternal 3Batman Eternal 4


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COMICS: DC Comics First Look – Futures End #1

If you celebrated Free Comic Book Day then you are probably a Comic Book fanatic and you MAY have sought out the Free Comic DC Comics made available, Futures End #0. I picked it up. However, I have yet to read it because I plan on reading it on Wednesday along with Futures End #1. This 6 page preview gives a lot to look forward to. I have enjoyed Terry McGinnis for some time now and to see a major story arc involving him, well RULES!

Futures End CoverFutures End Variant CoverFutures End Page 1Futures End Page 2Futures End Page 3Futures End Page 4Futures End Page 5Futures End Page 6

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DC Comics Releases For 4/16/2014

Head to your local brick and mortar Comic Shop to pick up these brand new comics by DC Comics. If you don’t now where one is; LOCATE ONE NEAR YOU:

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Sweet. Five Pages of Nightwing #0 To Preview!

Oh man. This is awesome. As stated in previous METAL GEEKS episodes, I’m a fan of NIGHTWING and DC Comics. I’m jumping right into this New 52 revamp of Zero issues with a completely open mind. Thus far; I dig it.

I’ve previously posted an Animal Man Zero issue review. I intend on posting a review for every issue I read of the New 52. As of today I have read Batgirl, Batman, as well as Batman and Robin. Each are all good in their own way, but none of them have captured my attention like this in just 5 pages!!!

Check it out Geekazoids. What do you think?

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

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