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ENTOMBED A.D. announces album release for ‘Back To The Front’

LG Petrov and his fellow band members are ready to release their highly anticipated album, ‘Back To The Front’, under the new name ENTOMBED A.D.! The band is eager to let the music do the talking and get back on the road.

LG Petrov (vocals) comments: “After a year of struggles, we are happy to finally get ‘Back To The Front’ out! There is no one stopping us this time from playing music, being on the road and headbanging as metalheads do!”

Back To The Front will be released on August 4th in Europe and August 5th in North America via Century Media Records. The first live shows will be announced soon.

LG Petrov – vocals
Nico Elgstrand – guitars
Victor Brandt – bass
Olle Dahlstedt – drums

The first single from Back To The Front will be premiered through www.facebook.com/EntombedAD on May 20th. Stay tuned!


ENTOMBED A.D. online:




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New Music Releases for 4/29/2014


I suppose every label on the planet decided to release an album on Tuesday. I spy a few I will be scoping out on Spotify…

Aborted – The Necrotic Manifesto (Century Media)
Abysmal Torment – Cultivate The Apostate (Willowtip)
Adestria – Gilded Hearts (Artery)
Annihilator – Feast Limited Edition CD/DVD (UDR)
Anti-Mortem – New Southern (Nuclear Blast)
Anti Ritual – Anti Ritual (Indisciplinarian)
Archspire – The Lucid Collective (Season Of Mist)
Autopsy – Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves (Peaceville)
Beneath – Barren Throne (Unique Leader)
Centurian – Choronzonic Chaos Gods Re-Release (Hells Headbangers)
Centurian – Of Purest Fire Re-Release (Hells Headbangers)
Cloak Of Altering – Plague Beasts (Crucial Blast)
Coldwar – Pantheist (Candlelight)
Curimus – Artificial Revolution (Freezing Penguin/Svart)
Dead In The Manger – Transience EP (20 Buck Spin)
Death – Leprosy Re-Release (Relapse)
Devil You Know – The Beauty Of Destruction (Nuclear Blast)
Dismemberment – Embrace The Dark (Horror Pain Gore Death)
Edguy – Space Police: Defenders Of The Crown (Nuclear Blast)
Existance – Steel Alive (Mausoleum)
Exorcism – I Am God (GoldenCore)
Fake Idols – Fake Idols (Lifeforce)
Fatal Smile – White Trash Heroes (FS)
Floor – Oblation (Season Of Mist)
Forest Of Tygers – Bruises EP (Primitive Violence)
Fu Manchu – Gigantoid (At the Dojo)
Grey Skies Fallen – The Many Sides of Truth (Xanthros)
Helstar – This Wicked Nest (AFM)
Holy Moses – Redefined Mayhem (SPV)
Ikillya – Vae Victus (Megaforce)
Infestus – The Reflecting Void (Debemur Morti)
Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun (Century Media)
Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus – Spirit Knife (Small Stone)
Klogr – Black Snow (Zeta Factory)
Lake Of Tears – By The Black Sea DVD/CD (AFM)
Lord Mantis – Death Mask (Profound Lore)
Kublai Khan – Balancing Survival & Happiness (Artery)
Manilla Road – Mystification Re-Release (Shadow Kingdom)
Martyr Defiled – No Hope No Morality (Century Media)
Mekong Delta – A Mirror Darkly (SPV)
Mind – Save Yourself From Hell (Selfmadegod)
Miss May I – Rise Of The Lion (Rise)
Portrait – Crossroads (Metal Blade)
Psycho – Chainsaw Priest (Selfmadegod)
Reformers – Abolish (Mediaskare)
Revelation – Salvation’s Answer Re-Release (Shadow Kingdom)
Romantic Rebel – Romantic Rebel (Pavement)
Saliva – Rise Up (Rum Bum)
Saxon – St. George’s Day Sacrifice – Live In Manchester (UDR)
Schammasch – Contradiction (Prosthetic)
So Hideous – Last Poem/First Light (Prosthetic)
Super Massive Black Holes – Calculations of the Ancients (Minotauro)
Thine – The Dead City Blueprint (Peaceville)
Twitch of the Death Nerve – A New Code of Morality (Comatose)
Unlight – The Katalyst Of The Katharsis (War-Anthem)
Upon This Dawning – We Are All Sinners (Artery)
Vanhelga – Längtan (Art of Propaganda)
Whitechapel – Our Endless War (Metal Blade)

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CD REVIEW: Lacuna Coil – “Broken Crown Halo”

Lacuna Coil
Lacuna Coil was a band that a few short years ago had a lot going for them. They hit it big with “Heaven’s A Lie” and all things were set in place for them to get the attention they deserved. But wait, somehow the band decided it would go more “Poppy” and less metal; which in turn, lost their momentum with albums that just missed the mark. Lacuna Coil’s last two albums “Dark Adrenaline” and “Shallow Life” share the same sound of repetitive “Nu-Metal” riffs mixed with predictable male/female combo vocals. Fans expecting anything different on their new album will be in for disappointment. “Broken Crown Halo” literally rehashes the same formula with the only difference is that some of the male vocals are bit more on the “extreme” side. Otherwise, it is literally more of the same copy/paste songs this band has been stuck in for years now. Their last album, “Dark Adrenaline”, did have a couple of good tracks on it, but this new one is just one easy to forget song after another.

This band needs an over-haul. First, they really do need to get rid of the male vocals. Secondly, Cristina needs to let loose. She seems to enjoy staying in the same vocal comfort zone lately and at times her delivery is very robotic. I know she can belt it out, but instead the male vocalist gets those parts and it really takes away from the music. And oh yeah, the new album has what is pretty close to what I can only say is Rapping from Cristina on the track “Victim” and “Cybersleep.” It sounds like they are channeling Lady Gaga. FAIL! “Broken Crown Halo” is another failed attempt by a band trying so hard to jump from on one trend to another that they have lost sight of what they actually were in the first place. Just listen to “In Reverie” and “Unleashed Memories” for proof.

– Mark Clausen

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