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The Porno Version of Quicksilver Wins

This may be old for some of you but for me;  I just discovered this gem. For the second time since The Avengers was released on the big screen, a Pornographic costume designer get “NAILS IT” (see what I did there) by making the Captain America XXX version of Quicksilver look more legit than Bryan Singer’s “Days of Future Past” version…hell, I’ll even go out on a limb and say it trumps Joss Whedon’s “Age of Ultron” version too. Lets compare the them:

tumblr_n0ceh98lsd1qjw1rjo3_1280__spanLame.QuicksilverCelebrity SightingsYup the Pornoguy wins. Major props to Director, Axel Braun. You even got The Falcon right…but I hope that big breasted blonde is The Dazzler in disguise. It only makes sense.


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“Days of Future Past” Director Bryan Singer Accused of Raping Teenage Boy…


I just read this article on The Wrap and I hope its not true. Not because I care about the success of his upcoming film, but if he is the slimy, perverted, sexual deviant these accusations are making him out to be; I feel so terrible for everything the kid (and the potential OTHER KIDS that haven’t come forward due to fear in this disgusting Hollywood sex ring) has gone through. Read over the article below. Come to your own conclusion, but from what it seems; Bryan Singer won’t be making anymore appalling Comic Book movies if found guilty.

Credit to: TheWrap
“X-Men” director Bryan Singer is being accused of drugging, raping, and using his power to exploit a teenage boy in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, according to court documents obtained by TheWrap.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Hawaii, plaintiff Michael Egan, who was named in a press release by his lawyers, was 17 when he was forcibly sodomized by Singer, among other accusations.

Defendant, BRYAN JAY SINGER, manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries. Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring. A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors.

The suit alleges Singer provided Egan with drugs and alcohol and flew him to Hawaii for sex on more than one occasion in 1999 where Singer continued to “anally rape” him, and claims that Egan was not the only underage boy who was abused.

Plaintiff has requested a jury trial and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for charges of intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault, and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion.

The lawsuit was filed a month before the release of Singer’s next movie, “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” is due to be released. A representative for Singer did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment. Nor did a representative for Fox.

The abuse allegedly began in 1998, shortly after Egan was lured to parties at a house in Encino, Calif. where a high school friend lived, the lawsuit claims. The house, known as the M & C Estate, was often the site of “notorious parties” where adult males allegedly preyed on young boys, the lawsuit claims.

According to the lawsuit, Egan was a model and aspiring actor. The documents claim Singer told Egan at one such party that “the adults who resided in or frequented the M & C Estate controlled Hollywood and could decide whether Plaintiff’s career aspirations and hopes would be realized” and was also present when Egan was warned to keep those men “happy” or else he and his family were in danger.

The men supposedly told Egan they were sure he was homosexual according to their “gaydar,” even though Egan told them he was straight, and plied him with drugs and alcohol against his will and often without his knowledge.

“Plaintiff was often forced to consume alcoholic beverages and drugs, and was also surreptitiously administered drugs when they were placed in beverages that he consumed,” the lawsuit reads.”

There is more to the article so if you want to read the rest of it, click HERE.

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The Final “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Trailer

Thank you Team Coco

X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Metal Geeks 33: Matt Harvey of Exhumed Geekery


Get ready to rock out with your geek out as we have returned from out of the darkness with a brand new episode of Metal Geeks Podcast, where we dive into the geeky mind Matt Harvey from the mighty Metal stalwarts, Exhumed! Join us as we discuss the band, touring, and get into lots of comic geekery before we lose Matt to the dark forces once again. Rest assured, Matt will return to the show to geek out once again!

Find out more about Matt Harvey and Exhumed over at the official Facebook page for the band at https://www.facebook.com/ExhumedOfficial and follow them on Twitter @exhumedofficial!

Check out our brand new sponsor over at thevinyldead.com for all of your vinyl toy needs! They are having a huge sale right now. Get your loved one, or yourself a little something for the holidays! You can get us something as well. We wouldn’t mind!

Join us on our website at www.metalgeekspodcast.com to keep up with all the geekiness. Follow us on twitter, @metalgeeks, @JMmetalgeek and @msrcast. You can now find us on Instagram, @metalgeekspodcast. Find us on Facebook/MetalGeeks. Subscribe to Metal Geeks Podcast on iTunes, and leave a review and a like us whilst you are there. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Ultness.com, our new home for all of our Metal Geeks Shenanigans! We are also now proud members of the Rhymes With Geek comic podcast network. Check them out at http://rhymeswithgeek.com. Catch you on the next episode, and Keep It Geeky!

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Metal Geeks 18: Days Of Future Geekery

18 logo1400

Welcome to the newest and most exciting episode of Metal Geeks ever! Join in as your intrepid hosts geek out on all sorts of topics, including all the big movie news from San Diego Comic Con, some comic talk, some video game talk, and what is happening to the guys in the next few weeks. We also announce the winner of our Funko Pop contest! Special Guest this episode is Fernando “Masterchef” from Ultness.com! Keep it geeky!

Join us on our website at www.msrcast.com to keep up with all the geekiness. Follow us on twitter, @metalgeeks, @JMMetalGeek, and @msrcast. You can now find us on Instagram, @metalgeekspodcast. Find us on Facebook/Metalgeeks. Subscribe to the Metal Geeks podcast on iTunes, and leave a review whilst you are there. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Ultness.com, our new home for all of our Metal Geeks Shenanigans! Catch you on the next episode, and Keep it Geeky!

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