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Metal Geeks 75: Comicpalooza Interview Geekery


Join your hosts, Cary the Metal Geek, George and Dave as they reminisce about their experiences at Comicpalooza 2015 and dive head first into all the interviews that the Metal Geeks crew were able to get for you guys! Interviews include local director, Joe Grisaffi, the local bands Jealous Creatures and Mad Men Crew, who is the first ever Rap group to be on the show. We also have the legendary author Peter David, director Paul Bright, cosplayer Kimberly Balduf, artist and musician VJ RM8E. Check out our hilarious interview with Master Shake himself, Dana Snyder that went out of control quickly, especially when Joel Hodgson shows up! We also are able to bring you Bass player extraordinaire Rudy Sarzo, as well as previous guest Kurt Amacker, and Ross Hughes, James Linares and Boxes In Action! Phew, that sure is a lot of interviews! But don’t worry, we wrap up the show with a very special roundtable discussion with Rorshach himself, Jackie Earle Haley about the brand new movie he just directed! This is a packed episode! Always remember to keep it geeky, and keep it metal!

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MSRcast Episode 152: New Metal Releases Part 1


Welcome to episode 152 of MSRcast where we dive into the plethora of new releases that have bombarded us during the first part of the year already. There are so many albums that we had to bring back a very special guest, Sean from the Metal Pigeon. We delve into new releases ranging from over the top power metal from Germany, tributes to Dio, brutal tributes to Satan, history lessons about the Chicago fire, another over the top power metal track from Germany, Thrashing tributes to metal, instrumental madness, and much more! There is something here for everyone, so sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of MSRcast. Keep it Metal!!

Freedom Call – Beyond – “Beyond”

Dawn Of Destiny – No Hope For The Healing – “FEAR”

Exmortus – Slave To The Sword – “Slave To The Sword”

Anthrax – Neon Nights – Dio – “This Is Your Life”

These Are They – The Devils Kiss – “1871”

Blackfinger – My Many Colored Days – “Blackfinger”

Edguy – Sabre & Torch – “Space Police”

Behemoth – Messe Noire – “The Satanist”

Mayan – Burn Your Witches – “Antagonise”

Grand Magus – Steel Versus Steel  – “Triumph And Power”

Gus G. – Dreamkeeper (Featuring Tom S. Englund) – I am The Fire

Persuader – One Lifetime – The Fiction Maze

Conquering Dystopia – Prelude To Obliteration – Conquering Dystopia

Check out the blog of our special guest, Sean from the Metal Pigeon, at www.themetalpigeon.com for well thought out and well written articles about the Metal scene we all know and love. Expand your minds!

The official MSRcast website is live! Visit us at msrcast.com for all of your MSRcast needs, including archives of podcasts, interviews, reviews, and lots  more. Remember to contact us at msrcast@gmail.com, and follow us over on twitter, @msrcast and @jmmetalgeek. Come and join Cary G. and Bolthorn (JM MetalGeek) over on Facebook, and while you are there, like our facebook fan page to keep up! Come find us over on Instagram, @msrcast. If you like the show, let others know about it by tweeting about it, talking about it, and subscribing in itunes and leaving a comment! Enjoy, and keep it metal!

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Metal Geeks Episode 19: D23 Geekery and Photo Gallery

19 website

Check out the Photo Gallery for the 2013 D23 Expo and Disneyland trip!

Welcome to episode 19 of the Metal Geeks Podcast, brought to you by Ultness.com. We have something special for this episode. So special, in fact, that we had to split it into two different episodes. Cary Metal Geek has just returned from a week long jaunt to California where he and the missus spent a week playing at Disneyland, visiting the D23 expo, seeing footage from some upcoming Marvel movies, and attending live tapings of both Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live. There was a lot to talk about, and we start the episode talking about what comics we have been reading, and go into our review of the Wolverine movie. 

During the second part of the episode, we play some interviews that Cary Metal Geek was able to get at D23 Expo with some developers from Disney Interactive, Sega, Capcom and Harmonix and even a Disney Imagineer.

Thank you guys for tuning into this very special episode, and sometime soon, we have also released a special Bonus episode recorded live from Anaheim with Kimmu Metal Geek, as Cary and Kimmu discuss the week’s events, and go into depth right after a day spent at the D23 expo.

Join us on our website at www.msrcast.com to keep up with all the geekiness. Follow us on twitter, @metalgeeks, @JMMetalGeek, and @msrcast. You can now find us on Instagram, @metalgeekspodcast. Find us on Facebook/Metalgeeks. Subscribe to the Metal Geeks podcast on iTunes, and leave a review whilst you are there. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Ultness.com, our new home for all of our Metal Geeks Shenanigans! Catch you on the next episode, and Keep it Geeky!

Download Episode 19 Part 1 here (Right Click, Save as)

[audio http://metalgeeks.podbean.com/mf/web/w8jub7/19part1.mp3]

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[audio http://metalgeeks.podbean.com/mf/web/wp92bf/19part2.mp3]

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[audio http://metalgeeks.podbean.com/mf/play/kqi6ht/metalgeeks19bonus.mp3]

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