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COMIC BOOK REVIEW – All New Marvel Now! – Elektra #1

Return of the red clad assassin in barely there underoos paired with sharp steel and bandanas. A quick read this time around. All referencing old memories of a life that once was of what she used to be. A daughter, girlfriend, daughter, and a slave. Now only an assassin she seeks to gain exit from New York, her cage. The cage that traps her in a pool of depression and not so good times. She visits the matchmaker. In simple terms, the death dealer, she handles the contracts when someone else wants a certain target eliminated. A couple of pages of montage and silhouettes of well-known characters including Daredevil, Bullseye, King Pin, and Sabertooth. Asking for a contract to get her out, she’s given one by the matchmaker; which has her chasing a ghost of sorts.

Intro, Cape Crow. An assassin killing vigilante, taking other’s contracts for his own gain, seems to have disappeared. Going off of cold tracks and whispers of his last whereabouts, the Match Maker gives Elektra all that she may need to bring him in alive. With a major vote of confidence, Match Maker tells Elektra she’s the only one that has a chance of accomplishing just that. Elektra agrees to the 30% cut for the contract dealer, as the reward is the highest she’s ever seen. It’s then that we meet the second devious demon in the story, “Bloody Lips”. An acrobatic spear wielding force that’s able to consume a piece of his fallen enemy and get their memories and or abilities, Megaman style….but with cannibalism thrown in. His attack on one of the many S.H.I.E.L.D. storage facilities leads him into “asset containment” room, where he is introducing himself to a groggy Bullseye.

Overall I didn’t really think it all meshed up well enough to be considered a cohesive book. The illustrations took a form of grain like water paintings, maybe to create ambiance and perception of a memory sequence; or so I thought at first, but when it continued past all of that it was just another vault to overcome getting though the read. It being the first issue I left a window for explanation and references with some memories thrown in but it was quickly closed and seemed as a try-to-hard in storytelling. Just something’s should not be re-done or just left alone. Another bad one in my eyes, so definitely a pass on this route. Normally I’d say there’s a change for redemption in later issues but even if there was, I wouldn’t be aware as I’ll be passing on this run all together. Til next time folks.

– Simon Hernandez


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Iann Robinson’s Knife Edge Chop #1

Good friend of the Metal Geeks and fellow Geekazoid, Iann Robinson; who you might recall appeared on an episode of Metal Geeks this past November, has unleashed his Geek on his brand new Video Blog entitled “Knife Edge Chop.” On the show you’ll hear him discuss various topics such as his thoughts on the final issue of Superior Spider-Man, Elecktra, and Hulk from the All New Marvel Now. He also discusses new music from The Swans, Army of the Pharaohs, and Lord Mantis. Last but not least he elaborates on one of his most passionate hobbies, Pro-Wrestling.  So, go watch the show. Send him your thoughts. Like it. Share the fuck out of it!

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Metal Geeks Episode 6: Tattoos and Geekery

Geekazoids, We have reached Episode 6 here at Metal Geeks, and the hits just keep on coming! In this super extra bonus sized episode, we premiere our brand new intro and outro Voiceover, we interviewed a tattooing Star Wars geek that is part of the 501st, talk about the upcoming Wii U and if we even care, Borderlands 2, some Blu Ray talk, some Ziltoid and Hevy Devy fun, and much more fun than you can shake a stick out.

Contact us at themetalgeeks@gmail.com (send hatemail…don’t be scared). Follow us on Twitter @metalgeeks (RT the Hell out of us \m/[o-o]\m/) and Like us on facebook atfacebook.com/MetalGeeks.  We are finally live with our brand new website at http://www.msrcast.com! This is where you will find show notes, archives for both Metal Geeks, and MSRcast podcasts, reviews, articles, and various geeky topics we feel like covering.You can also subscribe through itunes, and while you are there, give us a review, and please let all of your friends know you are a Geekazoid, and tell them about Metal Geeks! What are you waiting for?! Come rock out with your Geek out!

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