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Iann Robinson’s Knife Edge Chop #1

Good friend of the Metal Geeks and fellow Geekazoid, Iann Robinson; who you might recall appeared on an episode of Metal Geeks this past November, has unleashed his Geek on his brand new Video Blog entitled “Knife Edge Chop.” On the show you’ll hear him discuss various topics such as his thoughts on the final issue of Superior Spider-Man, Elecktra, and Hulk from the All New Marvel Now. He also discusses new music from The Swans, Army of the Pharaohs, and Lord Mantis. Last but not least he elaborates on one of his most passionate hobbies, Pro-Wrestling.  So, go watch the show. Send him your thoughts. Like it. Share the fuck out of it!

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Metal Geeks 28: Iann Robinson Geekery


Welcome Geekazoids to another Geektastic episode of Metal Geeks, Episode 28 to be exact! Joining us this week we have uber Metal Geek, Iann Robinson guesting on the soapbox. Most of you may recognize his name from MTV during the early 2000’s. Let it be known though, MTV isn’t the only thing Iann has conquered. Infact, listen to the show and hear about his origins of being injected into the Music Industry and how it brought him into being a writer for CraveOnline. It was a pleasure to have him on the show and we can’t wait to have him on again. Come on. Getcher Geek-On!

Follow Iann on the twitter @iannrobinson, on the Instagrams @kidrobot71 and follow on his facebook page at http://alturl.com/8ngmp. Catch up on Iann’s work on Crave Online at http://www.craveonline.com/author/iann-robinson

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