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Comic Review – Stray Bullets: Killers #2 by Simon Hernandez

straybulletskillers-2-457e3 Set in the 1986, we found ourselves reading from a story based in Sandcastle,  MD. After being gone and unheard from for 6 months, much to her Aunts surprise;  a young, vivacious, and spry female by the name of Virginia returns. Judging by her  absence plenty of things have changed and all things have an underlying mystery to  them.  It’s a rediscovery of how time changes all things, whether it be for better or  for worse.  Virginia begins to notice subtle differences in everything, including how  others perceive of her. It seems as though Virginia almost being reintroduced to the  area that she group up in with her parents. She strains to keep a distance from her  estranged mother and questions why her mother was ever with her father who has  since past on.  Her Aunt Jane quickly becomes her emotional scapegoat to only find  out that Aunt Jane isn’t as stable as she wants to believe.  From inadvertent sexual  cravings for a younger man, to her want to only be loved by the hermit of a  hypnotized husband who rarely leaves the garage.  A divide that was then  revealed as the passing of their son, Michael.  The overbearing cloud of depression and urge to hide the truth of condition in this read can relate to almost anyone.  Which makes reading the material relatable. Within the title of “Killers” is a reach to claim we are all killers in one way or another. I gather this from a single quote in the book, “People who kill people have lives, too.” In summary, what the limits are people will do for others happiness.

“Killers” truly is a horse of another color when it comes to my genre of comic reading but being simple. Being to the point and concise is what made this a great read for myself. For being the second issue in the series it reads well to anyone just getting into the story as it acts and laysout just like a first issue origin story. Writer/Artist David Lapham does well by pulling jabs and introducing while giving a slight backstory on lesser but recently introduced characters and then getting back to the main story rather quickly. I found this was crucial in keeping the reader StrayBullets-Killers02-Page2-c5d0ewondering what’s next and how that someone is going to add to this culmination of an Americana grim ending.  With that said, I view this series is likely to become a cult like following where there are no super heroes or mutants; but actions with repercussions of guilt, negligence, and process.  David Lapham gives into the illusion that all of the pieces will all fall into place.  Every stone unturned is another snake in the grass leading to the ultimate reveal of unknowing consequence of actions.


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MSRcast 145: Interview with Larry Roberts of Novembers Doom


Welcome to episode 145 of MSRcast as we dive further into the mind of Larry Roberts, guitarist for Novembers Doom. This is the second part of our lengthy and in depth interview that started with Metal Geeks podcast episode 24 where we did talk about the band, but also geeked out on comic books, movies, and lots of geeky topics. This episode has hand picked music from Larry himself, some of his favorite songs of all time, and some new stuff as well. This is one of the most honest and most interesting interviews we have done on MSRcast, and one that will be remembered for the ages.

Carcass- The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills – Surgical Steel

Voivod- Mechanical Mind

Novembers Doom – Into Nights Requiem Infernal – Novembers Doom -Rain – The Novella Reservoir

Angel Witch – Angel Witch – Angel Witch

Celtic Frost- Rex Irae (Requiem) – Into The Pandemonium

Woods Of Ypres – Wet Leather – Woods IV – The Green Album

Iron Maiden- Murders In The Rue Morgue – Killers

Winter – Servants Of The Warsmen

Trouble- At The End Of My Daze – Trouble

Novembers Doom – Harvest Scythe – Aphotic

Lid – Randy Scouse Git – In The Mushroom

Novembers Doom – Not The Strong – To Welcome The Fade

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