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MSRcast 198: The Metal Blacklist


Jag Panzer – Blacklist – The Deviant Cord

Sorceror – Sirens – The Crowning of the Fire King

Cradle of Filth – Achingly Beautiful – Cryptonia – The Seductiveness of Decay

Gruesome – Fragments of Psyche – Fragments of Psyche

Nocturnal Rites – What’s Killing Me – Phoenix

Winter’s Wake – Awake

Caligula’s Horse – Will’s Song (Let The Coulours Run) – In Contract

Satyricon – Blood Cracks the Ground – Deep Calleth Upon Deep

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Metal Geeks 86: Super Metal Geekery


The Metal Geeks crew discuss a wide range of topics including Destiny, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, the Monkees, our Summer movie Wrap up, what Fall TV shows we have been watching including our thoughts of Gotham, the Muppets, the Goldbergs, and more. We also dive headfirst into Heavy Metal elitism, and our George Hates Metal this week is supergroup Metal Allegiance! Does George hate it? Tune in to find out!

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Iann Robinson’s Knife Edge Chop #1

Good friend of the Metal Geeks and fellow Geekazoid, Iann Robinson; who you might recall appeared on an episode of Metal Geeks this past November, has unleashed his Geek on his brand new Video Blog entitled “Knife Edge Chop.” On the show you’ll hear him discuss various topics such as his thoughts on the final issue of Superior Spider-Man, Elecktra, and Hulk from the All New Marvel Now. He also discusses new music from The Swans, Army of the Pharaohs, and Lord Mantis. Last but not least he elaborates on one of his most passionate hobbies, Pro-Wrestling.  So, go watch the show. Send him your thoughts. Like it. Share the fuck out of it!

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CD REVIEW: Lacuna Coil – “Broken Crown Halo”

Lacuna Coil
Lacuna Coil was a band that a few short years ago had a lot going for them. They hit it big with “Heaven’s A Lie” and all things were set in place for them to get the attention they deserved. But wait, somehow the band decided it would go more “Poppy” and less metal; which in turn, lost their momentum with albums that just missed the mark. Lacuna Coil’s last two albums “Dark Adrenaline” and “Shallow Life” share the same sound of repetitive “Nu-Metal” riffs mixed with predictable male/female combo vocals. Fans expecting anything different on their new album will be in for disappointment. “Broken Crown Halo” literally rehashes the same formula with the only difference is that some of the male vocals are bit more on the “extreme” side. Otherwise, it is literally more of the same copy/paste songs this band has been stuck in for years now. Their last album, “Dark Adrenaline”, did have a couple of good tracks on it, but this new one is just one easy to forget song after another.

This band needs an over-haul. First, they really do need to get rid of the male vocals. Secondly, Cristina needs to let loose. She seems to enjoy staying in the same vocal comfort zone lately and at times her delivery is very robotic. I know she can belt it out, but instead the male vocalist gets those parts and it really takes away from the music. And oh yeah, the new album has what is pretty close to what I can only say is Rapping from Cristina on the track “Victim” and “Cybersleep.” It sounds like they are channeling Lady Gaga. FAIL! “Broken Crown Halo” is another failed attempt by a band trying so hard to jump from on one trend to another that they have lost sight of what they actually were in the first place. Just listen to “In Reverie” and “Unleashed Memories” for proof.

– Mark Clausen

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