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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: DC Comics Sinestro #1

Sinestro 1

DC is back at it with not an origin story, but a rebirth of a defeated fallen power.  Sinestro, wallowing in pity and his character defeat is visited by a former ally, former enemy…and possibly still an enemy, Lyssa Drak.  He narrates and speaks with himself while explaining what has happened and gotten him to where he is now.  Weary he isn’t eager to trust or believe this reinvented blue creature of beauty and secrets.  Unsure of her intent, Sinestro questions all of her information that she is there to bring him back to the Yellow Lanterns. To reinvent them as the mighty power that dawned the name “The Sinestro Corps”.  He entrusted the leadership of the Corps to a vile creature named Arkillo.  Drunk with power, he forges power rings and gives them to anyone dumb enough to follow his ill-gotten crusade to wage war on the Green Lanterns.  But I’m getting a little ahead of things here.

SInestro2Lyssa is pouring information hoping to bring Sinestro back to where he belongs, the leader of the Yellow Lanterns.  At times it seems like she’s trying too hard.  As if Option 1, 2, and 3 do not work, she has an endless amount of examples of why he should return.  All that he sacrificed before to be the greatness, he had nothing to show for.  Cost him his wife, the relationship with his daughter, and not being there to save his home planet from an Alderan type destruction.  (Proud this was my first Star Wars reference)  His wearing of the power ring that is now a constant reminder of all of this.  Now dull of light, his fear is nowhere to be found, he has lost so much that he no longer fears anything.  It isn’t until Lyssa reveals that not all of his people (Karugarians) are dead, that all of these lawn darts are missing.  Once she drops this bomb, he finally shows some emotion that was gone from half the book.

Sinestro 4

Knowing she struck a nerve, his fear and hope for his people had returned.  Hoping he wasn’t alone after all.  Alerted by the glow of his lifeless power ring.  This news brings him new life, in both his emotions and in his threads.  And a fresh layer/coating of pomade to slick back his hair to fearful power mode. Lyssa’s flesh is now his lantern, from 5% to full in a matter of moments after discovery, Sinestro is refueled and ready to save his people and take back what he abandoned so long ago.  She takes him to where his people survive.  A space station that isn’t harvesting only his people, but offerings of all races as “Sleeping Missionaries” to those that are known as the “Pale Vicars”, those responsible for “the Paling”.  Insert SPACE ZOMBIES!!!  And yes, they kind of look like dead pirate/Vikings with Loki like staffs.

Sinestro3We then meet the cowering “Arkillo Corps”, as they have been renamed.  Seen as a traitor and martyr, Sinestro isn’t met with open arms by any means.  After a common banter of who’s more arrogant that who, the book ends on a cliff hanger level of about 5 out of 10. This read was rather easy to jump into and enjoyable throughout for the simple fact that things were explained but still kept the story moving.  I’m looking forward to the next issue when we see the reaction of the reveal from someone of his past that he once thought was lost for eternity.  It was well done with many little pieces coming together as far as they could in one issue.  And from that my favorite power line from it.  “Reunions Consecrated in Blood and Fear”.


-Simon Hernandez




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