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Metal Geeks 124: Connoisseur Of Geekery




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Joining the Metal Geeks crew this week is Sean the Metal Pigeon from MSRcast, as we Lego Batman, Get Out, Super Bowl trailer suckage, Santa Clarita Diet, The People vs O.J. Simpson, Drew Barrymore, Iron Fist and the Defenders, and we then dive into our topic of the week which is inspired by those Top 5 posts on Facebook, as we discuss our Top 5 Cheese, Cartoon, Bands, and much more! We also get into the band Bask during George Hates Metal this week.

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CD Review: Brainstorm – “Firesoul”

Brainstorm plays a combo of thrash and power metal that brings back the glory days of metal. “Firesoul” is, roughly, their 10th full length album.  The band does not create anything new or original. It is just pure metal in every way. All of the key ingredients:  fast and melodic guitar riffs, anthem filled choruses, and twin harmony solos are present. The downside is that after a few songs it does tend to all start sounding the same. The album really doesn’t produce anything memorable enough to warrant many repeat listens. Its just on the brink of being good but always falls on its face just before it reaches something exciting.  This has always been the issue with this band and probably why more people aren’t into them. If you have listened to everything and just want some background music while doing other things this is a great album for you otherwise skip it.

– Mark Clausen

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